Employment Law and the #Me Too Movement
The #MeToo movement has been gaining momentum in the past few years and more and more victims of sexual harassment have been coming forward. According to the MeToo website, more than 17,700,000 women …
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scales of justice with word cloud background
Q&A: The Fair Labor Standards Act
According to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), periodic performance evaluations are not required. Typically, performance evaluations occur only if an employer and employee (or a representative of the employee) comes to an agreement …
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President Johnson with civil rights leaders
Affirmative Action Programs
In today’s society, there’s a very good possibility that the vast majority of Americans have experienced the effects of affirmative action in one capacity or another. One of the most common examples of affirmative action can be seen in most college applications …
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4 Secrets That Will Improve your Employment Prospects
Often the worst time to search for a job is when you’re in need of one right away. Employers know when you’re desperate. It shows through your willingness to accept any job available even if it’s below your skill set. Desperation also manifests itself through nervousness …
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State Minimum Wage Rates by State
The US labor law (along with several state and local laws) determine the minimum wage in the United States. Typically employers will have to pay their employees the highest minimum wage salary outlined by local, state, and federal laws. Originally, nationwide minimum wage was mandated on July 24, 2009 …
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Person holding sign that says Policy
Sample Attendance Policy
Attendance is an issue for most employers. Having an effective policy in place helps employers inform employees of their attendance expectations and provides them ample notice that they will be disciplined for attendance issues. We have developed a sample policy you can use to develop your own …
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