State Minimum Wage Rates by State

The US labor law (along with several state and local laws) determine the minimum wage in the United States. Typically employers will have to pay their employees the highest minimum wage salary outlined by local, state, and federal laws. Originally, nationwide minimum wage was mandated on July 24, 2009 at $7.25 per hour. However, 29 states have since increased the limit of minimum wage beyond that of the federal minimum as of July 2018.

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State Minimum Wage Rates

StateMinimum Wage ($/h)Tipped ($/h)Future Enacted IncreasesIndexed Automatic Annual AdjustmentsAction
AlabamanoneBuy Now
Alaska$9.84$9.84Indexed annual increases begin
Jan. 1, 2017. (2014 ballot measure)
Buy Now
Arizona$10.50$7.50$11.00 eff. 1-1-19
$12.00 eff. 1-1-20
Rate increased annually based on cost of living beginning Jan. 2021 (2016 ballot measure)Buy Now
Arkansas$8.50$2.63Buy Now
California$11.00$11.00$12.00 eff. 1-1-19
$13.00 eff. 1-1-20
$14.00 eff. 1-1-21
$15.00 eff. 1-1-22
Indexed annual increases based on CPI begin Jan. 1, 2023Buy Now
Colorado$10.20$7.18$11.10 eff. 1-1-19
$12.00 eff. 1-1-20
Rate increased annually based on cost of living beginning Jan. 1 2021 (2016 ballot measure)Buy Now
Connecticut$10.10$6.59Buy Now
Delaware$8.25$2.23$8.75 eff. 10-1-18
$9.25 eff. 10-1-19
Buy Now
D.C.$13.25$14.00 eff. 7-1-19
$15.00 eff. 7-1-20
Indexed annual increases based on CPI begin July 1, 2021Buy Now
Florida$8.25$5.23Annual increase based cost of living. (Constitutional amendment 2004)Buy Now
Georgia$5.15$2.13Buy Now
Hawaii$10.10$9.35Buy Now
Idaho$7.25$3.35Buy Now
Illinois$8.25$4.95Buy Now
Indiana$7.25$2.13Buy Now
Iowa$7.25$4.35Buy Now
Kansas$7.25$2.13Buy Now
Kentucky$7.25$2.13Buy Now
LouisiananoneBuy Now
Maine$10.00$5.00$11.00 eff. 1-1-19
$12.00 eff. 1-1-20
Indexed annual increases based on CPI begin Jan 1, 2021Buy Now
Maryland$10.10$3.63Buy Now
Massachusetts$11.00$3.75$12.00 eff. 1-1-19
$12.75 eff. 1-1-20
$13.50 eff. 1-1-21
$14.25 eff. 1-1-22
$15.00 eff. 1-1-23
Buy Now
Michigan$9.25$3.52Annual increases take effect Jan. 1, 2019, linked to the CPI. Increases not to exceed 3.5%. (2014 Legislation)Buy Now
Minnesota$9.65/$7.87$9.65Indexed annual increases begin
Jan. 1, 2018.
(2014 legislation)
Buy Now
MississippinoneBuy Now
Missouri$7.85$3.925Minimum wage increased or decreased by cost of living starting Jan. 1, 2008. (2006 ballot measure)Buy Now
Montana$8.30/$4.00$8.30Increases done annually based on the CPI and effective Jan. 1 of the following year. (2006 ballot measure)Buy Now
Nebraska$9.00$2.13Buy Now
Nevada$8.25/$7.25$8.25Increases subject to the federal minimum wage and consumer price index. Increases take effect July 1. (Constitutional amendment 2004/2006).Buy Now
New Hampshirerepealed by HB 133 (2011)$3.27Buy Now
New Jersey$8.60$2.13Indexed annual increases based on the CPI, effective Jan. 1, 2014. (Constitutional Amendment 2013)Buy Now
New Mexico$7.50$2.13Buy Now
New York$10.40Varies$11.10 eff. 12-31-18
$11.80 eff. 12-31-19
$12.50 eff. 12-31-20
After 12-31-20, the rate is adjusted annually for inflation until it reaches $15.00
Buy Now
North Carolina$7.25$2.13Buy Now
North Dakota$7.25$4.86Buy Now
Ohio$8.30/$7.25$4.15Indexed annual increases based on the CPI. (Constitutional amendment 2006)Buy Now
Oklahoma$7.25/$2.00$2.13Buy Now
Oregon$10.75$10.75$11.25 eff. 7-1-19
$12.00 eff. 7-1-20
$12.75 eff. 7-1-21
$13.50 eff. 7-1-22
Indexed annual increases based on the CPI are effective July 1, 2023 (2016 legislation)Buy Now
Pennsylvania$7.25$2.83Buy Now
Rhode Island$10.10$3.89$10.50 eff. 1-1-19Buy Now
South CarolinanoneBuy Now
South Dakota$8.85$4.425Annual indexed increases begin
Jan. 1, 2016. (2014 ballot measure.)
Buy Now
TennesseenoneBuy Now
Texas$7.25$2.13Buy Now
Utah$7.25$2.13Buy Now
Vermont$10.50$5.25Beginning Jan. 1, 2019, minimum wage increased annually by 5% or the CPI, whichever is smaller; it cannot decrease. Note: Vermont started indexing in 2007 but enacted additional increases in 2014.
(2014 legislation)
Buy Now
Virginia$7.25$2.13Buy Now
Washington$11.50$11.50$12.00 eff. 1-1-2019
$13.50 eff. 1-1-2020
Annual indexed increases began Jan. 1, 2020. (ballot measure 2016)Buy Now
West Virginia$8.75$2.62Buy Now
Wisconsin$7.25$2.33Buy Now
Wyoming$5.15$2.13Buy Now
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