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About Us

What is HR4Sight?

HR 4Sight™ is an all-in-one source for current HR and employment laws as well as upcoming and proposed changes.

HR 4Sight™ will help you:

  • Get and stay compliant
  • Reduce wasted time, frustration and anxiety
  • Save your company money
  • Minimize employer risk

Since 2008, has been the most trusted online source for HR and employment law information. Each year, HR Professionals like you visit our site millions of times.

They have told us what they need–faster and easier access to accurate information about current and changing laws.

The result is HR 4Sight™.

We know you work hard – let HR 4Sight™ help you get more done!

Why do you need HR4Sight?

Let’s be honest. As an HR Professional, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Whether it’s recruiting, onboarding, retraining or working with employees, your responsibilities are never-ending.

On top of that, you walk the tightrope of trying to keep both the bosses and employees happy all while making sure that your company is compliant with ever-changing employment laws.

That’s where HR 4Sight™ comes in. Making even one employee mistake can cost your company dearly–and cost you your job. HR 4Sight™ will keep you on top of current and changing employment laws while you focus on your other responsibilities.

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Each year, over 100,000 federal and state bills and regulations are proposed. No HR professional has time to review them all.

proTRACK™ is the only HR-specific legislative and regulation tracker. It employs proprietary querying and filtering of state and federal legislation and regulations based on categorization and tagging of HR-related bills by our licensed Employment and Labor Law Attorneys.

What does that mean for you? You can now find all proposed and recently enacted laws by state and topic in minutes, not hours.

proTRACK™ will also help keep you ahead of emerging trends to both uncover opportunities and avoid potential PR pitfalls for your company.

proTRACK™–because what you don’t know can and often will hurt you and your company.



Our clients have told us that in addition to searching current and proposed laws, they want to be alerted with urgent information about upcoming deadlines and change dates.

We get it. Even the most diligent HR Professionals struggle to stay on top of everything.

That is why we have introduced proCOMPLY™, our members-only email alert system for essential dates and other critical information including our Monthly Minimum Wage Report.

Save time and reduce stress and frustration by knowing that you’ll get the critical information you need when you need it.

Relax. proCOMPLY™ has you covered.

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We know that finding the information you are looking for is just the beginning for HR Professionals.

HR 4Sight™ includes proSHARE™, a suite of productivity and efficiency tools that help you get the right information in the right hands in the right format.

proSHARE™ allows you to edit, print, save to PDF, and email directly from webpages and posts.

That means less wasted time in printing, saving or sharing information with your team.

proSHARE™ helps you save time and makes getting your job done easier.


When you are looking for answers, you need find information that you can count on to be correct but you can’t afford to spend too much time searching.

proSEARCH™ is your answer. Our exclusive search functionality helps you find the right information fast.

Need more information or have specific questions? We include links to the source government website pages so you don’t have to waste time searching.

Further, we know that employment law and HR issues are complex, meaning the answers you get on one topic may require research on other topics. Our menu and crosslinking functionality make researching related topics fast and easy.

Whatever you need, proSEARCH™ helps you find it fast.

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So Much For So Little


All this for less than the cost of a cup of coffee per day. There really is no excuse not to get started.

HR 4Sight™
HR 4Sight™
Links to the Government Websites$$
No Ads!$120$120
Enhanced Search/Filter$120
proSEARCH™ Premium Search/Filter$300
– proCOMPLY™ Email Alerts$420
– HR 4Sight™ Monthly Minimum Wage Report$360
– proCOMPLY™ Calendar$180
Preferred Services Discounts$$
LIMITED TIME: proTRACK for All 50 States$4,800
BONUS: All State Employment Law Handbooks$1,000
Total Value/YearOver $480Over $19,420
Price/Year (2 Months Free)$199$999

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