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EmploymentLawHandbook.com (ELH) came from the humblest of beginnings.

Drew Lunt, the company’s founder, had worked for many years as a labor and employment attorney. This included working for both the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the National Labor Relations Board as well as an attorney in the labor and employment practices of McKenna, Long & Aldridge (now Dentons) and King & Ballow.

Drew was constantly frustrated by how difficult it was to find correct information, particularly when he needed information in a hurry. So in 2008, ELH was born as a collection of information intended for Drew’s personal use. As Drew continued to add to the website, more and more fellow attorneys and then clients began to ask Drew for access.

From these humble beginnings, ELH grew into one of the most trusted online sources for employment law information. Millions of visitors each year count on ELH to help them find the information they need as quickly and easily as possible.

As we’ve grown, we’ve continued to improve ELH in response to challenges in handling HR issues that our clients have reported.

One problem that has been expressed countless times is the anxiety and frustration they feel about trying to stay on top of ever-changing laws and regulations. With over 100,000 new laws proposed everywhere, HR Professionals don’t have time to sort through them all to find out which ones matter.

For years, we’ve done the best we can to keep our readers informed, but even we couldn’t solve this problem.

Until now.

HR 4Sight™

We are excited to offer our loyal members and clients HR 4Sight™– combining the most trusted online source for employment information with the only HR-specific legislation tracker. This is the next generation of HR information and a must-have for getting and staying compliant.

Our employment law attorneys analyze, tag and filter all proposed laws and regulations by state, topic and disposition. Using HR 4Sight™ you can quickly and easily search all proposed and recently enacted legislation and regulations that impact you.

You can also easily filter proposed laws and regulations to identify emerging trends that represent potential threats or opportunities so you can respond proactively.

HR Professionals are busy. They can use all the help they can get.

ELH and HR 4Sight™ are designed to help you work smarter, not harder.

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Employment Law Updates
Laws change in a moment. Sign up to stay informed.
Employment Law Updates
Laws change in a moment. Sign up to stay informed.

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