Sample Workplace Search, Inspection & Investigation Policy

Statement of Purpose

The workplace search, inspection and investigation policy detailed here in has been implemented in an effort to provide a safe and healthy environment for *our employees.

It confirms our right to take the following actions, with or without prior notice, when there is reasonable basis for doing so: search and inspect vehicles entering or leaving the premises; search and inspect any other items of a business or personal nature brought onto the premises; and search any employee’s work area (office or cubicle), desk, files, lockers, and so on.

In this context it should be noted that all employee work areas and associated items as detailed above whether secured or unsecured, are company property. As such they are provided to employees for their use for the use as long the work for *us.

An employee who does not consent to, or hinders any such search, inspection or investigation in any manner faces disciplinary action up to and including termination.

Announced and unannounced searches

*We reserve the right to conduct announced and unannounced searches, as long as there is reasonable basis for doing so. The procedures for each are set forth below.

Authorized persons

Management delegates and supervisory personnel will conduct and observe any searches as described herein.

Timing of searches

The searches as described herein may be conducted during, prior to or after regular business hours.

Unannounced search – procedure

Announced search – procedure

We also reserve the right to conduct announced searches from time to time, provided there are sufficient grounds for doing so. When we conduct announced searches we will:

Employee privacy

An expectation of privacy regarding proper does not apply to employees while they are on the company’s premises.

Provision of policy

This policy is made available to all employees, including management and supervisory personnel, in the company handbook. It is also posted in employee work areas and near all building exits/entrances.

*For the purposes of this policy, the terms “we,” “us,” or “our” refer to [*insert company or business name*]

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