Workplace Violence Policy Sample

Statement of policy

The Company has a duty to provide a safe workplace for all employees. To ensure this obligation is fulfilled, we have implemented the following workplace violence policy. To ensure compliance, all employees must read and acknowledge their understanding of the provisions included herein.

Unacceptable conduct

The Company expressly prohibits any and all conduct that can be directly or indirectly construed as workplace violence in/on its buildings and grounds. Accordingly, all employees are strictly forbidden from:

  • Instigating or engaging in a physical altercation or engaging in any other conduct that results in physical injuries to another person.
  • Making direct or indirect threats.
  • Engaging in overtly aggressive or hostile conduct that causes others to experience legitimate fear for their safety and/or emotional distress.
  • Deliberately vandalizing property belonging to the Company or any employee thereof.
  • Bringing a weapon to work or being in possession of one while representing the Company in any way.
  • Behaving in any manner consistent with domestic violence or sexual harassment.

To maintain a safe workplace, employees must be able to report concerns about the potential for and/or actual incidents of workplace violence to Human Resources/management without fear of reprisal. Accordingly, any such reports may be made anonymously and appropriate steps will be taken to protect the reporting party’s identity. In addition to investigating such reports, the Company will provide counseling for the accused and affected individual(s). The outcome of an investigation conducted solely by the Company will be shared with relevant parties. However, the Company also has the right to contact authorities and request intervention when necessary.

Limiting risk

The Company encourages all employees to use sound reasoning and good judgment when identifying and reporting co-workers, other persons, or incidents of concern to Human Resources/management. These may include but are not limited to:

  • Anyone engaged in conversations about dangerous weapons, having immediate access to any such weapons while at work or bringing any such weapons to work.
  • Anyone who displays obvious signs of emotional instability (including stress, anger, hostility and so forth).
  • Anyone who makes implied or outright threats.
  • Anyone whose job performance changes drastically.

Management, in conjunction with the Human Resources Department will keep track of relevant incidents and reports, and create a plan to be implemented in the event of emergencies.

Identifying vulnerable employees

Along with Human Resources, management will establish criteria that can be used to identify vulnerable employees. These are employees who are more likely to become victims of workplace violence because of past encounters or the nature of their jobs. The Company will also advise such employees about any measures implemented to protect them, and related matters.

Employee response to dangerous and/or emergency situations

Any employee who comes across someone engaged in the commission of workplace violence with a dangerous weapon should not try to disarm them. Try to stay calm, keep eye contact and talk to the perpetrator. Alert someone in charge if it can be done without endangering yourself or anyone else. All employees should follow emergency protocol.

Understanding and compliance

All Company employees are expected to understand and comply with this policy. Specifically, they must:

  • Abide by applicable safety and/or security measures implemented by the Company.
  • Participate in employee briefings, continuing education programs or similar workplace safety training.
  • Contribute suggestions and ideas pertaining to workplace safety initiatives and programs.

Management’s role in combatting workplace violence

In an effort to promote the efficacy of this policy, ensure the wellbeing of its employees and prevent workplace violence, the Company will:

  • Oversee applicable programs.
  • Encourage employees to report persons and incidents of concern in a timely fashion.
  • Provide counseling and other relevant assistance to employees directly or indirectly affected by threatening or violent behavior in the workplace.
  • Ensuring that protocols are in place to address potential or actual workplace violence.

Application of policy

The Company does not tolerate implied or over threats, aggressive conduct or violence in the workplace. Any employee accused of engaging in any such conduct will be investigated. Should the investigation determine that the accused engaged in such conduct, he or she will be subject to disciplinary measures up to and including termination. The Company will also ensure that any individual it does not employ who engages in prohibited conduct is reported to the appropriate authorities and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

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