How to Write and Update Your Employee Handbook For 2021

Employee handbook on a wooden table and glasses.

An employee handbook is a document in an organization that contains policies and procedures with which employees are expected comply. It also contains legal clarifications and updates to help employees understand the employer’s policies and procedures at a given time and place. An employee handbook also gives employers the opportunity to establish the company’s culture. … Read more

Resolving Conflict in the Work Environment: A 9 Step Guide

Image of man stopping two boxing gloves fighting

Coming into conflict or disagreement with people in your life is pretty much inevitable, including your workplace. Unless you want to be a human doormat, and always agree with everyone around you, you are going to eventually find yourself in a situation where there is a potential for conflict. Because of this, we are not … Read more

Spare Change: How To Effectively Communicate Company Culture Changes

Close up view of young business people putting their hands together. Stack of hands. Unity and teamwork concept.

2020 enforced organizational change in many companies. Remote working was often perceived as unfeasible prior to the pandemic, but bustling offices quickly went out of fashion as COVID-19 spread across the. Companies quickly adapted to the new set of circumstances and implemented innovative solutions to enable productivity from staff based at home, but whilst technological … Read more

Employment laws can change in a moment.
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