Five Things to Consider When Designing a Music Policy

Music lyrics today, in certain genres, are very explicit. Many songs include profanity, sexist, racist, or ethnically offensive content, or have graphic descriptions of human anatomy. It’s no surprise to HR that some employees are easily offended by the music being played by a coworker. Equal employment opportunity discrimination laws require that almost nothing offensive … Read more

Five Easy Metrics to Measure Investment in Employee Development

Employee development is an investment in your employees’ skills and abilities but is a metric that can be difficult to measure. Many businesses avoid consistent training and development because they don’t see its value when employee turnover is high. However, the newer generations in the workplace view development as a benefit, and top talent will … Read more

Five Circumstances That Make a Toxic Work Environment

About one-fifth of American workers consider their work environment toxic due to gossip, disrespect, manipulation, arguing, or malicious people poisoning the team’s morale. It’s estimated that a single disharmonious employee can cost a company more than $12,000 by affecting other employees’ performance. A troublesome work environment can decrease employees’ work quality and result in them … Read more

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