The Importance of Employee Development During a Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has created tough economic times for most businesses. Often the first thing companies do to save money is to cut out employee training and development, which doesn’t make sense to remove something intended to make employees more productive. Employee development is how you increase the value of your company’s most valuable asset … Read more

Political Discrimination in the Workplace

In light of the controversial campaign season that has now enveloped the country, strong opinions during political discussions are likely to arise in the workplace. This can become a debilitating issue for employers and their teams if political conversations become heated between coworkers. Knowing what is fair in the workplace and if there are discrimination … Read more

Designing a Workplace Emergency Response Team

Most businesses design their emergency response plans to organize employees in case of a natural disaster or spills of hazardous substances. However, since the uncertainty of Covid-19, it’s best practice for businesses to designate a specific team of employees to facilitate the emergency plan for protecting employees, visitors, and contractors during times of crisis. Having … Read more

Encouraging Employees To Find Work-life Balance

Striking that perfect balance between career and family has always been a challenge for American workers, and since COVID 19, it’s become harder due to many employees working from home. Work-life balance involves juggling workplace stress with the daily pressures of family, friends, and self. The outcome is that the employee has a greater sense … Read more

Six Ways to Evaluate the Performance of Remote Employees

COVID-19 has forced many companies to allow employees to work from home, and there’s a chance that the pandemic will cause this to continue for quite some time. Measuring and reviewing performance was already a struggle for many managers, and adding it to remote workers can seem near impossible to accomplish. Regardless of what some … Read more

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