Guide to Workplace Accidents

It is unfortunate when you get into a terrible accident at work that can prevent you from continuing your normal activity because of your injuries. Work-related accidents happen frequently and occur at a rate of about 2.8 employees for every 100 workers. A majority of these accidents are preventable and could have been avoided had there been better security measures in place, maintained premises and equipment, and training.

When you get into a bad workplace accident, you should immediately let your employer know and document the incident. This way, you can file a workers’ compensation claim to receive benefits while you are taking time off to recover from your injuries. For more guidance, you can speak to workplace accident attorneys to help provide useful advice. According to Wattel & York’s Personal Injury Lawyers in Tucson, you can follow these steps after you experience a workplace accident: 

What Is A Workplace Accident?

Your personal injury may be a workplace accident if it was associated with your job in some way. Here are reasons in which you can claim worker’s compensation if your accident is related to work: 

You Were Injured During Your Shift

If you were harmed while you were working during your hourly shift, your accident is most likely a workplace injury. While you are performing your job, if you are injured, you should receive workers’ compensation.

At A Work Location

You should be on the premises of your job location when you are injured. In some cases, you may be in a different location when you are injured. For example, if you went on lunch and got hurt somewhere else. This wouldn’t allow you to file a workers’ compensation claim because it isn’t a work-related injury. 

Paid To Commute Or Deliver

You can file for benefits if you are paid to commute to work and get injured during your morning or evening route. This also includes delivery and rideshare drivers who get hurt on the road. 

You’re Not Doing Anything Illegal 

As long as you are not involved in any illegal activity while injured, you are eligible for workers’ compensation. For example, if you were inebriated or abused a substance while injured, you may be disqualified for workers’ comp.

Most Common Workplace Accidents

There are many ways you could get injured while at work. Here are the most common scenarios: 

Slip And Fall Accidents

Most workplace accidents happen because of uneven and slippery surfaces that result in bad slip and fall accidents. When a premise is poorly maintained, or there is clutter, you could fall due to no fault of your own.

Fall From A Height

Some accidents are caused by poor equipment, which can cause you to fall off a roof or later. Fall protection gear or the appropriate equipment is important to prevent these kinds of incidents. 

Projectile Injuries 

While at work, there may be objects that come loose or items that swing and hit you unexpectedly. These projectile accidents are incredibly dangerous and often result in traumatic head injuries and fractured bones. 

Mechanical Injuries 

Some injuries can be caused by getting trapped in machine gears, malfunctioning equipment, and other issues. When employees are poorly trained, they may accidentally injure themselves or one another while at work. 

Automobile Accident Injuries

These types of injuries typically happen specifically for delivery drivers, but can also happen if you are traveling abroad while working. Car crashes are one of the most frequent causes of a personal injury. 

What To Do After You’ve Been In A Workplace Accident?

After you’ve been injured, you should take the following steps to help you receive workers’ compensation benefits:

Document What Happened

You should take pictures of your injuries and where you were injured to show how it happened and the extent of your wounds. This is also useful proof to help support your workers’ comp claim. 

Report To Your Employer

After you experienced your injury, you should immediately let your employer know so that they can file a report for you. Delaying this can make it difficult for the workers’ comp agency to investigate your claim. 

Get Medical Treatment

When you first get injured, most likely, you will get sent to a healthcare practitioner that your employer chooses. However, after your initial treatment, you can choose who to attend for medical care. The employer covers your medical care for the first time; in most cases, your workers’ comp will begin covering or reimbursing your expenses. 

Speak To An Attorney For Help

If you received too little on your workers’ compensation or were denied benefits, it is possible that you made common errors on your claim. You can request from your attorney so that they can review your form and fix any previous errors. 

File An Appeal

When you don’t receive enough benefits, you must file an appeal with the clerk of court in the Office of the Judges of Compensation Claims. Through a petition, they can review your claim after you’ve fixed any errors, as you cannot resubmit the same information. The judging panel will notify the employer and the insurer. If their response is dissatisfying, your attorney can help represent you at a formal hearing set by the judge. 

Additional Information For Workplace Accidents

If you have additional questions after you’ve been injured, for example, if you are unsure what to do if the judge denies your appeal, then you should speak to an experienced workplace accident lawyer. Sometimes your injuries are worse than expected, and you aren’t receiving enough benefits to cover the extent of your injuries. This sometimes happens if you are permanently disabled after your workplace injury and are unable to recover completely. In extreme scenarios such as this, your workplace benefits should match how badly you were injured and make it easier for you to recover. If you are getting denied for your workers’ comp and don’t know why, then it is recommended that you speak to a lawyer to find out what you can do.

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