Five Steps To Take After You Have Been in an Accident in the Workplace

Nowadays, businesses take considerable care to create a safe work environment. Health and safety training can significantly lower the probability of accidents at work or on a construction site since employees can better evaluate hazards and take the appropriate steps to ensure their safety. However, this does not entirely eliminate the possibility of a work accident.

Being a victim of a workplace accident can be terrifying. You have to worry about your health as well as your future employment prospects, and you may need to file a lawsuit as a result of the incident. Contact a San Antonio workplace accident lawyer if you have been involved in a workplace accident in the area. 

Five Actions You Should Take Following a Workplace Accident:

Speak With a Doctor

After a workplace incident, you should put your health first before doing anything else. If your injuries are not life-threatening, you should go to the nearby hospital as soon as you can. However, if your condition is life-threatening, you should phone 911 at once to get emergency assistance from paramedics.

It is crucial to receive a medical diagnosis for all injuries, even minor ones. You should not rely on self-diagnosis. Instead, consult a doctor and let them make the diagnosis. If possible, speak with your employer to find out which medical center they would prefer you visit so that their worker’s compensation insurance will assist in paying for your visit.

Keep a Record of Everything

You should make every effort to record the events that take place starting from the moment the accident occurs and then everything that follows the incident. Include the following information in your notes:

  • Describe the incident and the safety worries you had at the time if any.
  • Your call history from the time you sought treatment.
  • A detailed note from your doctor outlining your injuries
  • Your explanation of your symptoms and how your disabilities are a result of them.
  • A list of your medical appointments, past and upcoming.
  • Hospital expenses.
  • A duplicate of the letter of notification you wrote to your employer about the incident.
  • Witness accounts of what they saw.

It’s important to keep your notes concise, specific, and formal. If you have them organized, it will be easier for you when you have to present the documents. Additionally, the sort of incident that happened may require you to follow a particular documenting method. For instance, you might need a repair estimate if you were in a car accident. An employer can determine how much it will take to fix or replace the car. To safeguard themselves in the event of a worker’s compensation claim, both the employer as well as the employee should take note of these specifics.

Make Sure Your Employer Knows About the Incident

You should get in touch with your employer as soon as you’ve taken care of your injuries and your doctor has concluded you are stable enough to stop receiving medical care. If you want to keep receiving worker’s compensation benefits, you must provide a written account of the incident within 30 days. 

File a Claim

You have the choice to make a worker’s compensation claim if you are hurt at work to get financial assistance for your medical expenses and lost income as a result of your injury or disability. By submitting Form C-3 to your nearby Worker’s Compensation Board, you can independently initiate a worker’s compensation case. Due to the extensive documentation and details required to resolve a case, these cases are notoriously difficult. Therefore an experienced workplace accident attorney on your side may help speed the process. 

Receive After-Care

After the incident, you must make it a point to visit your doctor frequently to ensure your wounds have not worsened. Your employer may reimburse you for follow-up visits connected to the injury based on the status of your case.


If you have been in a workplace accident, you must be sure your employer will compensate you. Reach out to a lawyer who specializes in workplace lawsuits to help you today.

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