Here are 5 reasons why you need an Employment Lawyer

Employees have legal rights. People in general and employees in particular, are most often unaware of their rights and options or are hesitant to seek advice from an employment lawyer when an issue or workplace dispute emerges. If you have confronted an employment-related problem, the best approach is to get confidential advice from an employment lawyer as soon as possible. A competent employment lawyer can review your case, explain your rights and options, and assist you to determine whether you require legal representation. There are numerous instances in which an employee would gain from the advice of an employment lawyer. Here we have mentioned the five most important reasons for you to hire an Employment Lawyer.

1. To comprehend your employment contract and ensure its fairness. 

Your employment contract will define the nature of your employment relationship with your employer and your rights when it ends. You should not feel obligated to accept a job offer as soon as you receive it. Request time to review the contract and even better, have a lawyer go over the terms with you. A lawyer will pay special attention to non-competition clauses and terms that imply to limit your right to severance pay if your employment is terminated. If the terms are unjust, an employment lawyer can advise you and help you negotiate better terms.

2. If your employer disregards your rights and entitlements. 

Employer violations of employment law standards, as well as unfair treatment of employees, are sadly all too common in the corporate world. Refusing to pay overtime, violating employee privacy rights, failing to follow health and safety regulations, refusing pregnancy or parental leave entitlements, and denying sick leave or leaves of absence for family emergencies are some examples. If your employer is breaking the law or disregarding company policies, an employment lawyer can give you classified advice on your rights and options for resolving the situation.

3. You are being harassed or discriminated against at work. 

If your employer, manager, or colleague is subjecting you to workplace violence, verbal abuse, or harassment, which include sexual harassment, mental harassment, or if you are facing discrimination in the workplace, seek classified advice from an employment lawyer on how can you fight against it. An employment lawyer can step in to deal with the situation and protect you from retaliation or harassment post filing a complaint. If the problem cannot be resolved or your employer refuses to correct the situation, legal action may be required, and a knowledgeable employment lawyer can help you in filing your claim.

4. Your employer is attempting to make significant changes to your employment. 

If your employer makes significant changes to your job responsibilities, compensation, or benefits without your consent, you may be forced to accept the less favorable terms or quit. Your employer’s cumulative actions may lead to “constructive dismissal,” in which case you have the same rights as if you were fired. Some layoffs can also be construed as constructive dismissal. Since the law in this area is complicated, you should consult with an employment lawyer as soon as possible to ascertain if you have been constructively dismissed.

5. To assess a severance package or wrongful termination claim. 

If you are “fired” by your employer without proper cause (e.g., downsizing or being “packaged out”), you have severance rights and entitlements that you should discuss with an employment lawyer before accepting. You should also consult with a  lawyer if your employer has dismissed you without cause or is not providing you with proper pay in favor of notice of termination, as you may have an unfair dismissal claim (also known as wrongful termination).


Finally, if you want to be on the correct side of mistreatment at the workplace, you’ll need an employment lawyer to fight for you. Your attorney will investigate your situation to ensure that it is legitimate and that you are not getting underpaid, harassed, or forced to settle inappropriately. You will be protected if you have employment lawyers on your side.

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Employment Law Updates
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