Filing A Long-Term Disability Claim? Here’s Why You Need A Lawyer

Long-term disability insurance is an excellent safeguard if you lose your income and can’t work due to a disabling health problem. Most people get these policies through their employers, but you can also get them privately. 

When you find yourself in a position where you have to file a long-term disability claim, it can seem confusing and frustrating. The process can be complicated, and the last thing you want to do when managing your health is mess up your claim. That’s why hiring an LTD lawyer to help you with your claim can make or break your claim. 

A LTD Lawyer Can Help You Navigate This Complex Law

Long-term disability and all the laws surrounding the issue can be pretty complicated. Not only is there the issue of understanding the laws, but there’s the task of comprehending your unique LTD policy. LTD lawyers will know about ERISA, which is beneficial in filing your claim. 

A high-quality LTD attorney can help you with any roadblocks due to this law and even help you stay out of court. They’ll help you understand the laws, deadlines, and regulations surrounding your LTD claim. 

They’ll Analyze Your Policy

When you get a long-term disability policy, there are a lot of requirements and information, and no two policies are identical. Even if you understand most of your policy, hiring an LTD lawyer can ensure you understand everything fully and file your claim correctly. 

An LTD attorney will take the time to go through your policy line by line and make sure they analyze it from start to finish. Once they do that, they’ll review your case based on your policy to ensure you have 

everything you need to get the disability you seek. 

They’ll Gather Evidence for your LTD Claim

When filing your LTD claim, you’ll need evidence proving why you deserve the disability payments. A long-term disability lawyer can help ensure your insurance company obtains medical records and other evidence accordingly.

They can even help with the evidence-gathering process to make sure nothing is overlooked and that the insurance company has everything they need to decide on your claim. You can assist or do this on your own, but an LTD attorney will ensure nothing is missed that can affect your claim.

Attorney Will Hold the Insurance Company Accountable

Insurance companies have regulations they must comply with by state and federal law and your policy. An excellent example of this is the length of time they can take to approve or deny your claim. 

Your professional LTD attorney will ensure that your insurance company sticks to its regulations and keeps them accountable. They’ll document all contact and steps the insurance company takes and ensure they’re doing things in the best interest of your case. 

A LTD Lawyer Will Help You Avoid Common Mistakes

Mistakes happen all the time when people file for a long-term disability claim. Hiring a skilled LTD attorney can help you avoid common mistakes that can negatively impact your LTD claim. Simple mistakes like not fully understanding your policy can be avoided with a lawyer. 

People make mistakes, especially with LTD claims, because the process can be confusing. They’ll ensure you understand all the complicated legal jargon on the claims, meet all your deadlines, and keep track of all necessary information to help you with your LTD claim. 

Final Thoughts

When you’re filing a claim and dealing with a loss of income, the last thing you want to do is mess up your claim and prolong getting the disability you need. From helping you gather evidence, walking you through your claim, and helping you avoid common mistakes, a long-term disability lawyer is there to help. 

Instead of trying to file the claim on your own, hiring an LTD lawyer will make your life ten times easier and ease your stress throughout the process.

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