How Can a Car Accident Affect Your Job?

Most people aren’t thinking about their jobs immediately after a car accident. They’re thinking about their injuries and how much pain they’re in.

As medical treatment gets underway and you realize you’ll need to take time off work, the reality of the situation can set in. Your work life may look entirely different, with a car accident affecting employment in these ways:

Temporary Time Off Work                   

With many tasks on your to-do list, like hiring a car accident lawyer, putting together a solid personal injury claim, and healing from your injuries, taking a small amount of time off work can be expected.

You may also be trying to manage your pain levels and attending regular healthcare appointments. There’s very little time for employment in those early days post-accident. 

Depending on where you live, you may be entitled to sick leave in your job. This means you can take days or weeks off for illness without repercussions like losing your job.

Permanent Exit from the Workforce

Depending on the nature of your injuries and your work type, you may be required to leave the workforce altogether. Some car accident injuries can be so severe that you’re no longer able to do your job in any capacity.

Some accident victims can apply for new jobs using the parts of their bodies unaffected by their accident. However, that’s not possible for everyone.

Missed Career Opportunities

Many people spend their entire working lives enhancing and refining their skills to move up the career ladder. The goal is to become as qualified as possible to increase earning potential. The more skilled you are, the more promotion opportunities may also come your way.

A car accident can sometimes put an end to those goals. If your injuries prevent you from performing your job to the same high standard, business leaders may no longer see you as management material.

Transportation Challenges

If your car was severely damaged in a car accident, getting to and from work may be much more challenging than it was before. You may have yet to purchase a new vehicle or cannot drive due to your injuries. In that case, you must explore alternative transportation options.

Carpooling, taxi and rideshare services, and public transport may all be options you have to consider. If travel forms a part of your job and you’re yet to receive driving clearance, you may be unable to return to work in the same capacity.

Abilities Loss

You might be able to return to the workforce after a severe car accident. Still, there are no guarantees that you’ll be able to perform your job to the same standard as before. Severe injuries can sometimes impact physical and cognitive abilities. A job you once found straightforward may now be much harder.

For example, the loss of a leg might mean your workplace needs to become more accessible. Memory loss due to a TBI could also result in vital skills being lost and needing to be relearned. Car accident injuries don’t just affect your home life. They can also have serious consequences for your career. It can be worth remembering these repercussions during your personal injury claim process. You may then receive damages reflective of your significant life changes.

Featured image by Michael Jin on Unsplash

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