Wellbeing at Work: 5 Key Factors

The workplaces that are fostering the well-being of the employees are productive and positive places. They allow the workers to contribute their best efforts. Not only do these workplaces attract top talent they retain them as they are terrific areas to work. Not only that, the employees normally feel content and confident in such places. When you have many employees with lower well-being, tone, and mood, the entire outlook of a business gets affected. However, when we are concentrated on improving the well-being of employees, we can see a collective spiral upwards. Here are five key elements that support wellbeing.

Having a culture of resilience

Has your company brought in opportunities to build a culture of showing resilience? This may appear as though you need to participate in training about mental health, stress, and wellbeing. But you also need to encourage physical activity and exercise and have things such as mentorship programs in place. All these things are important for establishing well-being as it means everybody including the leaders can participate in the growth opportunities.

Have open communication

Do your workers envisage you as their leaders? Do they share their challenges and vulnerabilities with you? Is everybody from your team encouraged to identify and speak up about what they are struggling with before the problem reaches a stage of a crisis? Significantly, the workplace encourages the behavior where early help-seeking such as annual leaves is encouraged. It can mean regular checking of well-being or having an employee assistance program or even having HR protocols that will identify these issues. You must make the employees feel that you are there for them all the time.

Have policies that support returning to work and work-life balance

Return to work used to be significant for the people that came back to work after sick leaves or maternity leaves. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you can find new ways of working after a significant change that is relevant to several people if not everybody. This is an opportunity to modify the way you work and accommodate the workers more with their roles. Are you offering feedback and flexible working hours? You need to convey what you have learned during the pandemic. Most people believe that flexible working hours have made a positive impact on their well-being.

Introduce a respectful and inclusive culture

The workplace culture is embedded in several ways. It is relevant to the conversations you have or the tone of your discussions. It also affects the way an employee will contribute to a business. The well-being at work is built on a culture that will offer training in mental health and well-being, and not tolerate bullying. This culture must encourage decision-making at every level in the organization. Your organization’s culture must value the voice of your employees.

Have wellbeing support available

Any workplace that supports well-being ensures that resources and information are available to the employees in several ways. You may place a well-being poster on the toilet door back or the tea room. However, it needs to be backed by training, policies, and conversations. You need employees to actively participate in initiatives such as R U Okay day. You need clear policies about how and when people can take leaves. You also must provide regular well-being and health development opportunities. These are all methods for improving the well-being of employees.


Having proper support in place in your organization for the well-being of your employees is a good idea for running a successful business. It is also helpful in attracting and retaining talent. When you concentrate on wellbeing, you are sending all the strong and right messages to the workers. They are being made aware that the employees are important and valued. They are not just workers but they are also being treated as individuals. This is also very helpful to them and their confidence level. It can lead to an increase in their productivity and improve the bottom line as well. Many people have become aware of the problems with mental health and the ways of solving them due to the advent of the coronavirus pandemic. But many workplaces are unfortunately not offering proper well-being support. It is a significant part of running a successful organization.

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