10 Above Minimum Wage Jobs for Students

College is expensive. No one can deny that, at least in the US. This sends many students looking for jobs from Werk to get extra cash to cover their expenses. However, most jobs for college students pay very little. They not only demand a lot of time but also offer a very small income to warrant spending so much time and energy on them.

There are above minimum wage jobs out there, though. These provide more money, helping learners get the most out of their time. They also let students maintain a healthy social life. With that said, let’s take a look at the best part time jobs for students that actually pay good money. Land one of these and you won’t have to do a job where you work half the day for little cash.

A Model

Although it’s a competitive field, you can make a good amount of money in a job as a model. You don’t necessarily need to learn a new skill to earn money as a model. As long as your ‘look’ matches what companies are looking for, you can get this role. This job allows you to make around $11 per hour as a model, which is higher than the minimum wage in the US. By the way, modeling isn’t just for marketing needs. Modeling for art classes at your campus might be possible, too.

A Freelance Writer

One of the best part-time jobs is writing online. Since it’s online, you can work on your own time. You just need decent writing skills and strong time management. Working on some freelance websites can earn you from $10 to $100+ an hour. You can always start low and then raise your rates as you gain more experience. If you manage to be hired for a long-term job, it’s possible to get a stable salary for years to come.

Jonathan Smith, a sociology professor and an expert at papersowl.com claims: “A student who works 5 hours a day at a part-time job and makes very little income, sacrifices energy and is unable to have healthy relationships. This makes their college life miserable”. He adds: “This shows how important it is to look for high-paying part-time jobs with free schedules that provide enough money to enjoy personal life, too”.

A Fitness Instructor

For fitness enthusiasts, working as a gym instructor is a great way to make money in school. This job pays around $20 an hour and lets you do what you love. All candidates need to take a course to become an accredited instructor. Other than that, it doesn’t require any specific skills.

A Virtual Assistant

Yet another remote option, being a virtual assistant is a great way to kickstart your career. You will be working as an assistant to someone, but remotely. You may be tasked with writing blogs, sending emails, posting social media updates, etc. Such positions can be found on freelancing websites, which is great if you’ve been asking yourself how to find my dream job, because they might lead to excellent careers. As you improve in the role, you can get an hourly income of $35.

A Massage Therapist

This is another job that offers around $20 an hour and doesn’t require a college degree. You don’t need anything on your resume other than a license from a massage training program to land this role. If you choose the job, you can potentially keep working throughout your education. Studying a course related to medicine or health, your efforts in this field can boost your resume for a future job, too.

A Mystery Shopper

One of the most unique roles you can take on is to shop at different stores and provide a review of your experience to get paid. For a learner without enough hours to work a regular job, such opportunities are perfect. You can discover mystery shopping opportunities on the website of MSPA Americas. Some of the tasks will give you as much as $15 per hour. You’ll also be reimbursed for your shopping, of course.

An Office Clerk

With a high school diploma and some basic understanding of computers, you can start working as an office clerk. This is one of those above minimum wage jobs that can lead to long-term careers. You might even get into HR without any qualification and climb your way up the professional ladder. Your responsibilities will range from answering phone calls and sending emails to filing documents. This role will also teach you a lot about office management, etc. which can boost your resume.

Customer Service

Similar to the previous option, working in this department is a great way to make the most of your free hours in school. Ever since COVID-19 hit the world, many similar positions have adopted a remote working structure. You could apply for a position and then create a schedule that works for you. For learners without enough free hours, such a remote job is perfect.


Babysitting is one of the most recommended options for learners who need extra money to support themselves. Even though the average rate they get is around $10, families sometimes tend to give more to students. You should check websites where such opportunities are posted to discover a role that suits your needs. If you’re studying something like child development, this role can add value to your resume.

A Graphic Designer

For those who have a knack for design, working as a graphic designer or illustrator is a great idea. As with many other roles on this list, you can apply for such tasks remotely as well. There are plenty of free websites to help sharpen your understanding of various tools and software that you’ll need to create unique designs. As you improve your set of skills, it will be possible to start charging more. And who knows? This might turn into your actual career one day.


For the college students whose jobs are not paying them enough to meet their expenses, these roles are an excellent way out. Not only can they save up cash for everyday expenses but also develop these jobs into lifelong careers. Whether you want to join a team of writers or become part of the office staff, there are a lot of opportunities out there based on the hours you can spend. So, apply for one of these roles and become stress-free about your income!

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