Advance Your Business by Hiring a Veteran

As a new business owner looking to hire employees, making an effort to recruit and hire U.S. veterans can be an exceptional way to develop a high-performing workforce of multi-talented individuals. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs can provide a wealth of resources related to hiring, and The Lunt Group can help you navigate what can be tricky waters when it comes to understanding and being compliant with labor laws. 

Establishing Your Operations

When you’re starting your new business, in addition to thinking ahead to hiring practices, it’s important to form a limited liability company or LLC. This establishes you as a legitimate business and has the associated benefit of protecting you from some kinds of liability. It also provides tax advantages, less paperwork, and more flexibility. You can take time out of your schedule to file LLC paperwork yourself, pay an attorney to do it on your behalf, or utilize an online formation company to ensure everything is done to the letter. All states differ in the way they regulate LLCs so learn about yours before moving forward. For example, search a phrase such as, “start LLC in Utah” to learn more about your state rules and regs.

Why Hire a Vet?

Veterans who have devoted a portion of their lives in service to their country can sometimes face challenges reintegrating into civilian life. Extending offers of employment to these individuals can be a way of expressing appreciation for their service, as well as gaining a unique and varied skillset from the military. This is especially true in instances where veterans have gone through military-level training programs. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, you may also qualify for government tax credits in exchange for prioritizing veterans when it comes to hiring practices.

What Vets Bring to the Job

Veterans are highly disciplined individuals who are typically fast learners who know how to adapt to changing workplace circumstances as necessary. Many have specialized capabilities, as well as the ability to think fast, strategize, and look at situations from both a short and long-term perspective. These can be exceptionally valuable traits in a number of business settings. You may also find vets are well prepared for jobs including security and law enforcement, as they have a number of tactical skills that can be deployed in other areas of your operation.

Veterans Make Good Leaders

In addition to knowing how to follow orders, many veterans have exceptional leadership skills that can help you run your company more efficiently. From focus and organization to motivation and constructive feedback, veterans are accustomed to highly regimented service environments. Many elements of this work style can be transferred into supervisory and management roles in corporate civilian life. From operational functions to training and motivation, the skills veterans bring to the civilian workplace are many, and varied.

U.S. Government Resources

Numerous government resources and programs can help you learn more about the benefits of hiring vets. Regional Veterans’ Employment Coordinators can be accessed through the U.S. Department of Labor, and provide things like hiring toolkits, connections to recruitment and hiring sites, as well as a significant amount of information related to the many upsides of hiring former service members. The DoL also has information on the Hire Vets Medallion Program, which recognizes companies for their involvement in support of vets.

Hiring Vets Through Educational Institutes

Colleges, universities, and vocational training institutes often have veteran-focused programs, and as such, help veterans in getting back to civilian life. Working with a school’s job placement division can help you get connected to qualified vets in your area. Job fairs can be another place to find veteran job-seekers, as can your local veteran’s administration office. If you hire through an agency or job board, you can even include language in your listing that indicates veterans are strongly encouraged to apply.

Hiring Vets Through Job Banks

If you want to make a significant, focused commitment to recruiting and hiring veterans, you can register with a state job bank to promote your position and put your company in front of veteran job seekers. Registration is free of charge. State job banks have specific categories for veterans looking for work and can provide you with detailed insights about the various types of skills, training, and education many veterans possess. Also, give consideration to hiring disabled vets who were injured in the line of duty. These individuals are well suited for many types of work but may have a difficult time finding employment in an open job market.

Hiring veterans is a great way to express your appreciation for individuals who serve their countries, as well as find talented and capable individuals to help you grow your business. Connect with local veterans organizations to learn more about how to get involved.

The Lunt Group provides a full suite of employment-related services including compliance audits, HR services, employee management, and employee handbooks. Reach out today for more information.

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