The Roles and Responsibilities of a Safety Mentor

Mentorship is the process of teaching, advising, and preparing a mentee for their roles and responsibilities in a company. An important role for mentors is the role of safety mentor for new hires. Mentors are there to ensure that employees are well-trained and prepared to complete their jobs effectively and inform their mentees on the appropriate company procedures. It can be difficult for people to start new jobs, and they have a plethora of new knowledge to absorb, from procedural information to safety information, mentees require a mentor to ensure their safety, both mental and physical. Here are some of the responsibilities of a safety mentor, and an incredibly important job position in any given field.

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Training New Hires

A workplace safety mentor takes on the responsibility of training new employees on standard safety issues within their field of work. This can be someone who teaches new hires about safety protocols and procedures in an office, warehouse, or job site. Safety mentorship is incredibly important to ensure your employees are properly trained and able to complete their work efficiently and safely, reducing workplace incidents. So finding a mentor for your company that is capable and knowledgeable is imperative. Training for job safety is important for both employers and employees, so finding the right safety mentor is incredibly important to keep your business functioning well.

New hire training helps to reduce employee turnover and keep employees happy. Appropriate training is like the lubrication of the machines, without proper lubrication the parts won’t work together and the machine breaks down. Safety mentors are the oil that keeps the machine running smoothly, and their value cannot be understated.

Implementing Safety Procedures

Safety policies and procedures are not only important, but in many industries, they are a legality. Safety mentors not only teach workplace safety but help to build and model these policies and procedures to ensure companies are working within the law and occupational health and safety guidelines. Protected workers are happy workers, and safety mentors ensure all employees and employers are working within the legal guidelines related to safety.

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While you may have safety officers in place, reviewing and implementing new safety procedures is a great way to refresh your business and safety protocols. Whether you take on larger job sites or have a new piece of machinery in your shop, you will need to implement new safety procedures. Having a safety mentor to help with this process will ease it along. Safety mentors can train your safety officers in how to properly implement new policies and procedures. Your safety mentor will be like your safety manager, and they can trickle down their knowledge to your junior safety officers and train them on how to properly introduce and enforce safety procedures for your company.

Reducing Downtime

While training new hires is the predominant responsibility of a safety mentor, there is a snowball effect when it comes to proper training. If your company is suffering from multiple safety issues and incidents, this directly affects productivity and therefore can reduce the income and profitability of your company. When you consider this interconnection between safe work and productivity, you realize that having an effective safety mentor is an investment in your company. By properly training your employees you can reduce your overall downtime from accidents, increase your productivity and create a safe and happy workplace.

Creating a Positive and Communicative Workplace

Safety mentors help to create a positive space and are there to offer their ear to employees. They will field questions about safety concerns, and take suggestions from workers on the front lines. Communication is important in any workplace, and a safety mentor will allow employees to feel heard. Having a safe place for employees to bring their concerns is one of the most important aspects of the job for safety mentors. A safety mentor will allow your employees to feel better trained and happier with their workplace responsibilities.

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The roles and responsibilities of safety mentors are myriad and they are a valuable asset to any company. Whether you are a startup small business or a large corporation that is looking to increase safety standards, having a safety mentor is paramount to your success. Safety mentors are highly trained, professional experts that bring their experience, patience, and communication skills to the table. From implementing safety protocols to training new hires, these mentors are an asset to any company. A good safety mentor knows how to train mentees and increase workplace happiness, efficiency, and overall quality of life for employees and employers alike. This invaluable position comes with many responsibilities but is also incredibly rewarding for all persons involved in the mentorship.

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