Improving Employee Safety: Newest Smart Security Gadgets

Employee performance is undeniably instrumental to the growth of any business, and businesses striving toward tremendous growth must create an enabling work environment – among other things – to ensure exceptional employee performance. An enabling environment is one where workers feel safe and fosters increased productivity and comfort. As a business owner, procuring and installing modern smart security gadgets is one of many ways to ensure employee safety. This article discusses a few gadgets that can help to ensure employee safety at work.


Sensors detect and measure physical and biological phenomena such as motion, light, temperature, and pressure. A sensor sends a signal to a control system when it detects changes in its measuring physical property. This signal uses such information to perform a specific action or adjust the system’s behavior. There are different kinds of sensors, such as temperature, motion, air quality, light, and ambient. Motion sensors detect movement, and light sensors can measure light intensity. At the same time, ambient sensing uses a different but astute and sophisticated system that detects and responds to movement or sound. Using ambient sensing technology for your workplace makes it easier to detect intrusion from outsiders quickly and cultivates safety among workers.

Video Surveillance Technology

Surveillance systems allow you to monitor events around your area in real time. Surveillance gadgets observe the areas within and beyond your immediate environment with a bird’s eye view and relay the data instantly. Examples include CCTV cameras with AI capabilities that can profile situations and detect environmental threats. You can install these cameras in strategic areas within and around your company building to detect trespassers and deter criminals from entering your office premises. They can also record videos and keep evidence in case there are security issues. When employees are assured of safety, they can conveniently carry out their work and produce better results. Something worth mentioning is that through your phone you can monitor every move by using telegram spy! This way you will have the observation would be easier. 

Facial Recognition System

A facial recognition system is a technology that matches a human face from a digital image against a database of faces. It captures, analyzes, and compares facial patterns. A facial recognition system in your workplace is necessary for access control and visitor management. The technology, for instance, can limit the kind of visitors that have access to some designated areas within the office building. Facial recognition systems are most functional in places where confidential files or documents are kept so that only a few high-ranking and trusted staff can access them.

Smart Thermostats

Employees are different and therefore have varying health requirements. Some prefer to have the room heated, others like it cold, and some do not even care. Having smart thermostats or temperature sensors in offices helps employees to manage and regulate temperature. You do not have to worry about an employee falling sick or hyperventilating because the room is too hot or cold. You can even control smart thermostats through mobile apps, so employees can remotely make adjustments, especially when they forget to turn it off manually.

Panic Buttons

Providing workers with wearable panic alarm buttons is vital to help them call for help in emergencies. Panic buttons are portable devices and are connected to your device via Bluetooth. When a button is pushed, it can discreetly call for help. It is beneficial for employees who work alone. For instance, if an assailant attacks an employee, they can press the panic button and send a signal to security personnel or emergency services without even having to unlock their phone.

Air Quality Monitors

Air quality monitors are used to detect polluted air within the office space. High carbon dioxide levels can cause the air to become stale and stuffy, causing discomfort or even sickness for people and leading to low productivity in a relatively competitive environment such as the workplace. An air quality monitor displays the current air quality with the help of a LED light so that employees can know when to modify it.


Designating smart offices with all the needed gadgets for your employees will greatly benefit your company. This is because employees feel safe and therefore have no reason to quit their job. It also helps them communicate better and stay efficient, yielding positive results for your business.

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