Chiropractic Treatment for Work-Related Injuries

Chiropractic treatment is among the best options to opt for when it comes to work-related injuries, especially if the musculoskeletal system is involved. According to SnapCrack IV Clinic, chiropractors are trained professionals that diagnose and treat conditions related to the spine, joints, muscles, and nerves, among other things. They aren’t just simply “back crackers,” as some might refer to them.

These health professionals don’t have just extensive educational backgrounds in anatomy but biology and physiology as well and dedicate over 4,000 hours of classroom and professional experience just to abide by federal regulations and practice their craft. They know various techniques that can help with pain relief and improve function, which many workplace accident victims need in order to get back on their feet.

Unfortunately, many workers go through repetitive motions that can wear down their bodies, leading to various injuries. Thankfully, they can use their workers’ compensation to treat their injuries and restore their health through chiropractic care. Here are a couple of ways in which chiropractic treatment is beneficial when it comes to work-related injuries:

Pain Relief 

Far too many injured workers have to deal with mild to severe pain due to their injuries. More often than not, the most painful injuries, which also last for a long time based on the victim’s overall health and work duties, are repetitive stress injuries caused by repetitive motions.

Repetitive motions can be anything from lifting boxes all day to grasping tools or even simply moving a mouse. Workers that are more prone to these types of injuries include musicians, construction workers, drivers, and cooks.

The injuries can affect the wrist, hands, elbows, neck, shoulders, and other body parts, and the symptoms can range from swelling to stiffness, numbness, and more. Chiropractors can help those that suffer from these work-related injuries through therapeutic plans to increase the patient’s range of motion and reduce inflammation. This can also be achieved through IV therapy, which implies giving the patient various minerals and health supplements through intravenous means.

These vitamins and minerals can be used alongside other therapeutic plans that the chiropractor deems appropriate to boost an injured worker’s recovery time. 

Body Realignment 

Many workers are predisposed to slip-and-fall injuries due to their work-related duties. These types of injuries can cause sprains, strains, broken bones, bruising, and swelling. The most vulnerable body parts in these accidents are the neck, head, back, wrist, knees, and hands.

Such injuries also lead to inflammation issues, pain, and other problems that might require body realignment procedures. In body realignment procedures, a chiropractor will realign your bones to their natural position through one or more sessions which will alleviate pain, inflammation, and swelling.

It is a fast method to recuperate quickly. However, this doesn’t mean that the injury is completely fixed. You will need to partake in body strengthening exercises prescribed to you by your chiropractor so that the body realignment will remain in place. 

The biggest advantage here is that you will make your body stronger than before, especially if you follow the body-strengthening exercises, and you won’t have to deal with the pain and other issues as long as you would have by other means.

Treating Soft Tissue Injuries

Workers performing their duties in warehouses, offices, or other facilities are more likely to be injured due to falling objects. It takes just one misplaced box to cause significant back, leg, neck, or head trauma.

When the injuries aren’t that severe, in these instances, you might only have to deal with soft tissue damage, and this is when a chiropractor can step in and treat it with physical or chiropractic therapy.

A chiropractor can determine the extent of your soft tissue damage through X-rays or other imaging tests. These results will help them to diagnose the damage accurately, make a prognosis and treatment plan, or send you to other specialists if needed.

If motor vehicles are commonly used in your workplace environment, you might face some unfortunate collision injuries. Yet, your chiropractor can also help you recover from these types of injuries as well, as most of them are also soft-tissue injuries or related to the musculoskeletal system. Whiplash, for example, is among the most common vehicle collision injuries. It occurs when a victim is violently thrown back and forth during a crash, resulting in neck injury. Your chiropractor can focus on the primary area of pain and improve your motion and function through various techniques.

Limiting the Risk of Overexertion Injuries

Overexertion injuries are very painful and debilitating, and many workers overuse their muscles, tendons, bones, or joints in their work duties. This often occurs when workers are too focused on their tasks and don’t listen to their bodies, or they simply don’t want to be behind schedule.

When you are pushing, lifting, pulling, carrying, or holding objects for extended periods of time, you can easily overwork your body. Without proper rest and other precautions, you are prone to overexertion injuries. Yet, you can limit these risks by working with a skilled chiropractor. They can help you with the following:

  • Posture and movement 

Chiropractors can assess your posture and movement patterns and train you to avoid overexertion. They can pinpoint what areas of your body are under excessive strain or at risk for an injury.

  • Manual therapy

A chiropractor knows various techniques, such as spinal manipulation or soft tissue mobilization, which they can use to reduce your pain levels, restore proper joint mechanics, and improve your mobility.

  • Exercise prescription

By assessing your overall body, chiropractors know precisely what type of exercises they can prescribe to you to help improve your flexibility, strength, and balance, hoping to prevent overexertion injuries.

  • Injury prevention

A chiropractor won’t just fix your body back to its natural state. They will also educate you on ergonomics, body mechanics, and other techniques that you can use to avoid overexertion injuries.

There are many other ways in which a chiropractor can help workers recover from their work-related injuries. Contact a chiropractor today and schedule an appointment if you want an effective recovery plan.

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