How to Write and Update Your Employee Handbook For 2021

An employee handbook is a document in an organization that contains policies and procedures with which employees are expected to comply. It also contains legal clarifications and updates to help employees understand the employer’s policies and procedures at a given time and place. An employee handbook also gives employers the opportunity to establish the company’s culture. The article will discuss how managers can write and update the employee handbook for 2021.

Checking Content on the Handbook

Managers should first assess the contents of the handbook to determine what should be updated and what should remain in the handbook. Managers should ensure that the handbook contains certain information. For example, there should be information on the safety of employees, benefits of the employees, and the relationships expected at the workplace. Such information is very essential so that employees know and understand their expectations while working for the organization. Additionally, the content helps managers determine what should be included in the handbook that will be beneficial to the employees while they perform their duties.

Research and Locate New Laws and Regulations

Managers should continue updating the employee handbook by looking for new regulations and laws that apply to the industry the organization deals in. Such laws will help employees know the newly expected regulations in the industry. Additionally, employees will become familiar with the new regulations which will help them adjust their job descriptions. There are different essential upgrades that companies should consider when writing and updating the employee handbook for 2021.

Disease Manuals

In the past year, the Covid-19 pandemic has affected different lives and businesses. The infectious nature of the disease has forced people to change their lifestyles by incorporating activities such as working from home and maintaining social distance. Managers should ensure that they incorporate safety measures that employees can adopt so that they curb the spread of the infection. According to updates on the occupational health and safety Act 1970, managers and employers should ensure that they provide safety measures that allow employees to maintain hygiene and social distance while at work.

Use of Drugs

Many companies across the United States prohibit the use of drugs while working. The occupational health and safety Act 1970 dictates that employees must not be impaired while operating machines and auto motives. Companies should ensure that employees are aware of the dangers and consequences of working under the influence of drugs such as alcohol and marijuana. Managers need to adjust the policies and language on the handbook to ensure that employees know that there is no tolerance for the use of substances within the company’s premises.

Company’s Core Values

The managers should make employees aware of expected performance while performing their tasks. The employee handbook should contain information such as company policies and expected behavior. The company’s core values should form an essential part of the employee handbook which will guide employees on the best practices to adopt. Additionally, managers should add the company’s history in the handbook which will help create a sense of pride for the employees as they work for the organization.


The managers should ensure that all employees have a workplace free from discrimination. The managers should incorporate essential information in the handbook that reminds employees how they are supposed to respect and tolerate one another while at work. According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in the United States, all staff within an organization are protected from discrimination based on color, race, sex, nationality, disability, and genetic information. 

Inclusion and Diversity

The employee handbook may want to include the company’s position on inclusion and diversity. Having a statement in the employee handbook represents a company’s strong position on the matter. Additionally, definite statements on equality and diversity should be included in the handbook so that employees are aware of the company’s position concerning the issue.

Policy Changes

Employees need to be aware of policy changes taking place within the organization. Managers are required to communicate to employees through the employee handbook so that they ensure the staff gets familiar with the policy changes effected in the organization. Adding policy changes to the handbook with ensuring employees are familiar with these changes will be essential in achieving company goals.


In conclusion, writing and updating the employee handbook for 2021 is very essential. Through the update, managers and organizations will communicate with new and existing policies to the employees. Additionally, the handbook will ensure employees are in line with expected behavior while working in and representing the organization outside its workplace.

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Employment Law Updates
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