How business card scanners boost productivity and CRM integration

A business card scanner is a power tool to convert images to text format. The business card scanner uses OCR technology to grab text from images. It can significantly boost productivity and customer relationship management. You can manage efficiently manage clients’ data without any manual entry.

Just scan the business cards of customers and extract all the information. You can extract the business Name and contact information. This would assist in creating a database of clients in no time. This is necessary for effective CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

There are different roles of the Business Card Scanner for improving productivity and CRM of a business.

Efficient Contact Management

The card scanners are efficient in grabbing all necessary information from business cards. You can scan all the business cards to extract the contact information of all the clients. This makes it easier to contact clients when it is needed as their information is stored in a database.

The card scanners assist in managing the database of clients and their respective information. Businesses do need efficient information about different clients and brief descriptions.

  • Contact information is necessary for networking and making a cordial relationship with business entities.
  • Businesses do want to manage a database of contacts of prospective clients and suppliers.

Inventory Management and Productivity

Card scanners are an excellent way to add information to input devices. OCR can readily scan and store information in a database. For example, if you are going to manage inventory, you can readily scan product code. This assists in knowing how much inventory is in the store. With each purchase, you are scanning the bar code by the card scanners. This assists in knowing how much inventory of certain products remains. When product inventory crosses to certain limit, the database automatically processes a Purchase Order.

  • Card scanners can be incremental in managing the inventory of all the products and their automatic purchase order processing.
  • You can reduce storage costs and ensure the availability of the different products in the retail outlet with the help of business card scanners.

Data Accuracy and Avoid Errors

The Business Card Extractor assists in improving data accuracy. You can avoid any kind of typing mistake by scanning text from images. The information is directly extracted from the original data and it reduces manual errors. This ensures a business has reliable information of all clients. In today’s business environment, you need to save time and have information about traders around you. Peer-to-peer communication is improved and hence productivity of the business.

  • The typing errors can be costly for a business as you may be preserving a formula of medicine or chemicals.
  •  The Business Card Scanner ensures data is stored in the same manner as provided by clients.

Integration With CRM Systems

The business card scanners are integrated with CRM databases or systems. This allows a business to transfer scanned information to its CRM databases. This assists a business to store all the information in a centralized database. You can access any information regarding a client in the future.

Card scanners are incremental in storing data without any error. The reliable data regarding different clients streamline a business and hence improve the overall performance of the business.

  • Card Scanners make it possible to store all the information regarding a business in a centralized place.
  • This assists in managing and extracting necessary information, needed by the business.


Business Card Scanners are greatly beneficial for businesses. This assists in improving productivity and CRM of business. A business does need reliable and error-free information for streamlining its workflow.

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