Top 8 Hints List to Resolve the Conflicts in the Team between the Different Generations

These days, companies of diverse industries set no limits to the age and other details of the potential employees. All that matters is the previous experience, skills, and knowledge of the specialists. So a team can consist of people from different generations, and it is not always easy to get along with everybody in such a team. In this article, we want to share the top recommendations and tips that will help employers and their employees resolve the conflicts between different generations at once.

Hints to resolve team conflict between different generations

The common vision of the team role

Let’s imagine a team that consists of workers from different generations working on the same project, for example, developing a mobile application for a client. To ensure successful teamwork, each member of this team needs to understand the individual role and responsibilities on this project and be on the same page with other mates. Everybody involved in the project has to see a clear vision of the final product, and it’s important for a client. Shared goals always keep the team close-knit and entail mutual understanding, no matter what generation the teammate is related to. Even if any conflict situation arises, an understanding of the project role like writers from the writing services Trust My
getting the final result of their work will help resolve them quickly.

Discuss the issues openly

It is crucial not to remain silent about small and great conflicts within the team that can be caused by different factors, where different generations are one in common. There should be set a certain rule, which is quite optional, to discuss everything that goes wrong between the teammates in order to quickly find ways out and resolve the conflicts in time. Open communication of the arisen problems allows the participant to analyze the situations from different sides and find the core reason why the conflict happened. Sometimes the reasons are so silly, that it will be enough to discuss it one time and forget it forever. The more time you delay the discussion, the more complicated the situation gets, which directly impacts the productivity of the entire team.

Manage the irritating factors

Team the includes people from different generations who have certain factors that get them irritated. It can be anything like an interruption when someone is presenting, dirty cups on the work table, messy work documents, manner of communication, and so on. It is important to collect similar factors from each team member in order to compile them in a particular communication policy where everyone will know these irritating moments to each other and avoid them in communication at work or during personal communication. Let all teammates express their opinions regarding this type of policy in order to make it convenient for everyone.

Listening is a key

Mutual understanding is what the team can reach without any side help and policies. Everyone needs to learn what qualitative listening is and develop this ability. Moreover, this skill will be very helpful not to get along with teammates but also to execute work tasks more effectively. For example, if another team member who works in the same cabinet asks not to listen to the music very loudly, even via headphones. This is a case when it is important to listen to your colleague and not to provoke conflict situations. This is just one of the hundreds of examples that can happen even during a single working day. Respect and understanding of the needs of other teammates are pivotal, writers from the writing services reviews Rated by Students know it perfectly well.

Mentoring for the older generation

These days businesses aim to convert all their data and papers into digital information to make it easily accessible from various devices and locations and simplify storing, managing, changing, and deleting. This is applied to all possible company spheres like communication, documentation, staff information, and so on. Moreover, some companies no longer use email as the primary communication channel, they tend to use Slack or Microsoft Teams for easy communication and data exchange. The usage of these technologies and tools can be a bit complicated for older generations. That is why the employer needs to care about these employees and provide them with a mentor for a certain period to teach them how to use all of these tools and software.

Acknowledge the problems

If the previous recommendation about the need for discussion of the problems relies on employees, then this advice is mostly related to employers and their attitudes to different generations within the team. A situation that doesn’t look problematic to you, can be a great challenge for your teammates. That is why it is important to acknowledge the concern your staff struggles with and make them count, making them crucial to resolving. For example, if you think the problem will resolve somehow later and there is no need to pay much attention to it, it can lead to more serious issues within the team. Even if it doesn’t seem significant to you, it is a big deal for your colleague, and they require your help and advice.

Provide enough space for each worker

Even working from the office, each employee needs to feel free and have enough open space where they can focus on their thoughts and ideas. People are different, despite the generation. Some can easily work in noisy areas, while others require complete silence to be able to work productively. Employers need to ensure that everybody feels comfortable in the office and can easily find an ideal place to work without leaving the building. That also causes another need for a flexible schedule and place of work, as some people can be more productive and happy working from home or café instead of the general office.

Same level respect

There is a common stereotype that older people are better professionals, and have more experience and better skills. But this is not fair due to the young specialists who made a real breakthrough in the company. Everybody deserves to feel respected and valued. Not to feel the generation difference, everyone has to respect and appreciate the skills and knowledge of each other on the same high level as writers from the writing services review Top Writing Reviews. Age plays no role if you are a great professional who always keeps developing your skills and capabilities.

To conclude

There is no conflict that cannot be resolved, there is always a way out from challenging situations at work. Despite the age and generation, every team member has to respect and value the work and effort of their colleagues and keep working on personal growth, instead of starting conflicts with others.

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