Top 4 Flaws in ERP Recruiters Hiring Methodology Solved

When it’s about seizing the attention of top talent and competing with contemporary recruiters for the most talented candidates, enterprise-level companies often have more prominent roles to fill and need equally significant resources.

However, enterprise recruiting can be complex due to many requisitions that need to be filled. Also, the considerable number of roles to be covered in numerous business units can make it difficult for enterprise talent acquisition teams to create synergy between HR and team managers.

To get the most out of the talent-attraction process, recruiting teams should cater to the following flaws in 2023:

Flaw 1: Inability to Spot Candidates Instantly

If you’re donning the hiring hat, you’ve already felt the sting of this aspect. Studies have shown that the most talented and skilled candidates are snatched within ten days of uploading their resumes. This indicates how competitive the industry is in hiring qualified candidates.

Not only this, but talented candidates consider more than one offer simultaneously. Hence, in the coming year, we can expect an increased poaching of skilled candidates.

Solution: With the high competition for top talent, employers need to act fast and do better than the competition to attract the best candidates. Maintaining a strong employer brand with a good reputation is essential to attract quality candidates.

Flaw 2: Not Looking Past The Obvious To Hire Ideal Candidates

Finding suitable candidates for open roles can be challenging, even with an excellent HR tech stack. ERP talent acquisition experts should tidy up their job descriptions and dig deeper when screening the resumes.  

Solution: The prime focus should be polishing the candidate selection process and looking beyond the obvious choices. They should train software that helps them select candidates compatible with the job description and who can be the right fit.

Flaw 3: Ghosting Candidate Funnel

A common practice among many recruiters is that when they agree not to hire a particular set of candidates, that’ll be the end of the process. Neglecting the candidate pipeline can prove to be one of the major flaws in the whole hiring process.

Solution: Rather than letting these candidates slip through, follow up with them constantly and include them in your candidate pool. Open communication can help you re-engage with these candidates in the future for open positions.

Flaw 4: Inability To Tape The Skills Gap

The skills gap can be another challenge that recruiters will face in 2023. The dangling ratio of several open positions to available candidates will make searching for the right talent more challenging.


Listen to the tech evangelists who believe investing in the right tools can give you a cutting edge when forming an ideal workforce. AI-driven recruiting tools can ease numerous hiring pain points and bridge the gap between a company and the best-fit candidate. This helps the companies hire candidates based on their skills, not their preferences, and also build a diverse portfolio of team members.

Cater Every Recruiting Flaw With a Plan

Over the past few years, we’ve noticed numerous shifts in the talent recruitment industry. If we’ve learned anything, it’s with the right approach and tools, every recruitment challenge and flaw can be transformed into an opportunity.

A recruitment tool like a resume parser can ease the difficulties ERP hiring managers and companies face when hiring for multiple roles.

Whether it’s freeing the recruiters from manually screening each resume- a process that indirectly invites an element of bias or hiring qualified candidates by selecting fields that matter like skills, certifications, education qualifications, licensing, experience, and more, a parser can revamp the recruitment approach.  All one needs to do is automate to hire better!

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