How to Promote Your Online Store to Students

If you have a business targeting young adults, then it can be challenging to catch their attention. After all, the world of youngsters keeps evolving at a rapid rate. 

In other words, businesses need robust marketing strategies to keep up with changing trends. Here are some tips businesses can try to promote their online store to students. 

Buy Ad Space on Academic Platforms

    There are many educational apps and platforms frequently visited by students. For instance, it isn’t uncommon for students these days to think, “I will pay someone to write my assignment on Writepaper to have more time for myself.” And fortunately for businesses, many such academic platforms also feature advertisements on their websites. 

    That being said, the marketing team has to figure out an ad that resonates with students. We all have the tendency to skip ads after five seconds, so make the most of the short time you get to hold the viewer’s attention. 

    Advertise on TikTok 

    As you might already know, TikTok is perhaps the most popular social media app among students these days. TikTok also allows businesses to feature ads on its platform. This will help gain visibility among millions of TikTok users around the world. 

    TikTok also has a dedicated Ad Manager feature that makes it simple for online stores to manage their ads. It helps with smart targeting of students and facilitates monitoring of performance. It is also possible to adjust the budget at any time according to your specific campaigns and marketing strategy. 

    Social Media Marketing 

    While TikTok can be a powerful marketing tool, businesses can also take advantage of other social media platforms used by students on a daily basis. This includes the likes of Instagram and Twitter. 

    Like TikTok, Instagram marketing also has dedicated tools that will help you land your target audience. And what’s more, you can even sell products directly via Instagram without even having to set up another website. 

    Have a Dedicated YouTube Channel

    If you want to attract students with content, then YouTube is another platform to consider. Business owners can consider starting a YouTube channel featuring the behind-the-scenes journey of the store, interviews, or other types of content. 

    Moreover, with the YouTube shorts feature, there is no need to work on long videos that can hold the attention of youngsters. 

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    Leverage User-Generated Content 

    While content marketing is a necessary strategy, it can also be quite challenging. One way to ensure that you have a consistent flow of content is to repurpose content. This can be done by using user-generated content. 

    Customers are likely to pay attention to reviews from fellow users. And posting positive reviews from previous customers can help you create a good impression among potential clients. You can ask your customers to post videos about your product and gain more exposure across social media platforms. 

    Influencer Marketing 

    Another way to reach young audiences is via influencer marketing. Businesses can look for influencers that are relevant in their markets or cater to students and collaborate with them. However, when choosing a collaborator, it is important to consider the type of content posted by the influencer and how it resonates with your brand image. 

    Business owners should also consider micro-influencers. These influencers might not have a big following on social media, but their engagement rate might be higher. This might help you achieve more results when compared to celebrity influencers. 

    Provide Student Discounts 

    Another way to reach the student audience is by offering special discounts. Students are often on a limited budget and are looking for ways to save money. If you offer them incentives, then they are more likely to turn into a loyal customer. 

    These discounts could be in the form of free trials or a buy-one-get-one-free format. You can also offer a percentage off the total price of the product or service that you are selling. 

    Set up Guest Blogs 

    Content marketing is also a good way to attract students. This can be done by adding a blog section to your website. When it comes to content marketing, it’s important to take into account the Google algorithm for search engine optimization. 

    To keep the content flowing, student businesses can also integrate blogs written by guests. You can also outsource blog writing to freelancers. As long as the content is relevant to your product and promotes conversions, it’s not a bad idea to dabble in different types of content. 

    Start a Podcast 

    Podcasts are also gaining popularity among students. It will help businesses to connect with their audience on a personal level. Podcasts can be a great platform to share stories and provide information about the business. 

    You can also invite experts in your market or even other customers to your podcast. They can share their experience, which will offer publicity to your brand. 

    Referral Marketing 

    Students are always looking for ways to boost their income. So, offering affiliate or referral marketing programs can encourage students to become loyal customers. Moreover, your existing customers will also feel rewarded for spreading the word about your platform. 

    Instead of offering a simple referral program, you can also try including multiple tiers. So the more customers brought in by existing clients, the better their rewards would be. 

    Work With Universities and Schools 

    Finally, businesses can also consider partnering with colleges to host an event or hold a marketing campaign on campuses. After all, amidst studying for tests and working with the best paper writing services, students also have a social life. And college resources can be the best way to reach students. 

    Businesses can also advertise their services in school newsletters, on campuses, or even in the local areas. 

    Keep Adapting!

    The interests of the young generation are constantly evolving. Hence, it’s crucial for businesses to keep up with the new trends and adjust their campaigns accordingly. With consistent effort and creativity, it won’t be too hard to grab the attention of the student community.

    Featured image by Unsplash

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