How to Become a Freelancer in the Legal Industry

You might have heard of a freelance writer, a freelance marketer, or even a freelance driver, but have you ever heard of a freelance lawyer? The first thing that comes to mind when one hears of a freelance lawyer is the limited fees that they would charge. But this might not be true.

Gone are the day when freelancers were associated with reduced fees. Freelancers are now recognized for their specialty and skills. They do have a specialized skill set that enables them to execute the work in less time and with more proficiency. Freelancers are hired by clients all around the world for a definite project and for a limited time period.

Freelance jobs in the legal industry

While the most popular freelance job in the legal industry is that of an attorney, there are many others that have still not become quite popular. You might want to explore other legal services that can be offered on a freelance basis. You can become a freelance paralegal, freelance court reporter, freelance legal assistant, freelance legal nurse consultant, and freelance litigation support worker, among others.

Benefits of becoming a freelance attorney

Freelancers have become quite popular in the legal industry in the present times. A freelance attorney enjoys independence and flexibility. Also known as legal consultants, freelance lawyers work in their own time. They are not tied to a single law firm. Instead, they serve different clients around the world. The biggest benefit they get is working flexible hours for clients that they prefer to work with.

The increasing demand for freelance attorneys has made professionals choose this style of working as opposed to full-time attorneys. This mode of working offers work-life balance, one of the requirements in this age. Freelance lawyers earn an additional income than their regular job. It even offers exposure to a variety of legal jobs that the freelancers handle on their own as they are without hiring team.

Benefits of hiring a freelance attorney

An increasing number of companies and even law firms hire freelance attorneys. Outsourcing legal work to freelance lawyers helps manage the extra work in peak months. Further, clients get the benefit of specialized skills as well. Hiring freelance attorneys is cost-efficient at times. With the advent of technology and adaptable work environments, freelancing in the legal industry has become easy and efficient.

How to become a freelance lawyer

Focus on a niche for your career

It is necessary for a freelance lawyer to decide the legal services that he wants to offer to the clients. Companies prefer a freelancer that has special abilities in comparison to the regular team. Selecting a niche helps a freelancer to focus on their career.

You need to research before announcing your niche. Also, decide your area of work or locality where you want to offer your legal services. It is recommended to choose an area that has a high demand for such services. This will help you earn a steady income.

Legalize your services

You are a freelancer in the legal industry. So, the first step that you need to take is to legalize your own services by registering them. Initiate legal registration of your services. You can choose to register yourself as a sole proprietor, a limited liability firm, or even a company. It completely depends on you.

Align back-end tasks

In order to begin offering freelance legal services, you need to align administrative duties. For such tasks, you can take the help of accounting software that is designed especially for lawyers. Such software turns out useful to automate the back-end tasks that are repetitive in nature. Having a separate bank account for income earned through freelancing helps a lot with taxes.

Find the Right Technology

Being a freelance attorney or otherwise practising law without practise management software is a recipe for disaster. There are various alternatives available for this programme, which assists lawyers in managing many facets of their profession. They are made to reduce expenses, increase productivity, and increase profit.

Online and Offline Networking

When all of your administrative tasks are aligned, you can start marketing your legal services. Build a network and share your specialization with people around you. Search for companies and people that might need your services. You can even put social media to good use by staying active and tapping work online.

Build an Online Presence

The industry has moved online. People are looking for freelancers online. Freelance attorneys should have a website that narrates the services they offer. Websites have long been perfect to advertise services and tapping potential clients. They help highlight your expertise in a subtle manner. You can hire a freelance digital marketer that helps build your online presence in an organized and efficient way.

Skills required by a freelancer in the legal industry

Freelance attorneys should be skilled in the niche legal service that they offer. Apart from the usual ones, they need to be good at communication. This will help them attract clients and keep them for a long time. In the present times, freelance attorneys also need to know how to market their own selves. They need to become a brand that people desire to hire for required services. Personal branding is the biggest requirement due to intense competition in the industry.

Freelance legal professionals also need to understand that they cannot become sought-after personalities in a month’s time. It takes a long duration to establish oneself in the industry. Primarily it is word of mouth. Becoming a freelance attorney requires learning, planning, commitment, and of course, patience.

Drawbacks of becoming a freelance attorney

While it might seem rosy to become a freelance legal professional, this mode of working comes with its own set of drawbacks. The biggest drawback is that the clients are wary of freelancers and it takes time to build trust and rapport with them. It takes time to understand the processes of a company and to offer efficient services in a timely manner. Further, before you even begin, you need to build up your finances as a freelancer does not enjoy a steady income. In the initial phases, there is a lot of time wasted searching for clients and maintaining them. There are many trials and errors that help a freelancer learn and understand things.


To become an expert freelance legal attorney, you need to invest time and effort in gaining the required skills and exposure. You need to have patience for growing your network and clients asking you to be on board instead of you looking out for them. For this, work on your image and qualifications. There are many courses available that will help you in developing your niche. In order to become one of the sought-after freelance attorneys, you just need to prepare your mind for a long journey ahead. Rest, you might be aware that the fruits of labour are always sweet, legally.

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