How to Modernize Your Employee Benefits

People are raising their standards when it comes to job offers, and companies are complying by offering competitive benefits to prospective employees. A recent Glassdoor survey revealed that 60% of professionals assess workplace benefits before accepting a job offer.

More people are on the hunt for workplaces that can provide them with a comprehensive benefits package along with a competitive salary. So if your company wants to capture skilled talent and increase employee job satisfaction, you’ll need to get ahead of your competition by offering more than just the standard benefits. Here are some tips on modernizing your company’s workplace benefits below:

Offer hybrid learning and development opportunities

Training and development opportunities are a win-win situation because they can harness your employees’ potential and lead to greater innovation in your company.

The good news about this benefit is that you can actually do it for free. Our article on ‘6 Free Employee Benefits That Won’t Cost Your Company Anything’ highlights that you can tap into trained supervisors in your company to teach key skills that can improve work performance. You can even create hybrid training programs by conducting this learning opportunity in person and through a video conferencing platform at the same time. In general, offering online and offline mentorship is a great strategy that can give all your employees an equal chance for progress.

Provide remote work options for flexibility

Remote work is one of the most sought-after work benefits, and can do wonders for employee retention and morale. It’s also quickly becoming the standard in many industries.

For example, healthcare professionals who typically work in hospitals can now enjoy remote work thanks to the widespread adoption of telehealth services. These virtual care services are even being used to mitigate the ongoing nurse shortages in Salt Lake City, Layton, Ogden, and more, which is why there’s a growing number of remote opportunities for nurse practitioners in Utah. By leveraging these virtual care platforms, it’s easier for nurse practitioners to explore clinical opportunities while having more freedom over their own work schedule. In the same way, exploring hybrid or remote work setups can not only provide flexible options for employees, but also help you address workforce shortage issues.

Go beyond the usual financial benefits

Given that there is a correlation between finances and stress, employers in other states are going beyond the usual retirement benefits by offering more comprehensive financial perks. For example, Connecticut’s Paid Family and Medical Leave program that began this year allows employees to attend to their own and their family’s medical needs without losing income. Companies in Colorado and Oregon are following suit in order to support employees who need paid leaves. On top of that, other companies are offering emergency savings programs, as well as student loan repayment schemes to ease other financial burdens for their employees.

Stand out from competitors by offering unique perks

If you’re in a very competitive industry with a limited labor market, you can gain an advantage over your competitors by giving unique benefits.

For instance, California-based network hardware company Cisco allows their employees to use forty hours of their work year for community programs. Meanwhile, Medallia, which is based in San Francisco, would reimburse home office furniture and provide access to technologies for their fully remote employees. Extra perks like these that fall outside the regular scope of employee benefits can be crucial in helping your company stand out.


Your employee benefits can attract new talents and boost the loyalty of your current workforce. To keep your employees happy, don’t be afraid to go out of the box by offering benefits that your employees can’t find in most workplaces.

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