10 Email Signature Marketing Tips to Build Your Brand & Get Leads

Email marketing is still among the most effective and result-oriented methods to reach an audience with a message. There is a massive number of people whom a business can successfully target to promote seasonal offers, products, or services. But ensure the signature underneath your email works well for promoting your campaign.

Your corporate email can drive your potential customers to your business and build trust. That is why thousands of standard business emails are sent daily to the target recipients.

Estimates are that the daily global business email volume is likely to increase to 376.4 billion. Your business should benefit from this opportunity. But your email signature must be a unique design that speaks well for your business. The signature represents your brand values and personality. But your email signature must be unique. It represents your brand values and personality.

Consider some of its vital aspects while creating your email signature marketing campaign. Update the signature design and include your CTA and the links of your offers and details. So, ensure that your email signature is a professionally created space for the recipients of your message.

Email signature marketing tips for building your brand and generating leads

1. Put a display banner under your email signature

Before launching your email signature marketing and email marketing, ensure the signature has a display banner underneath. The display banner comprises all the vital details of your business and campaign. These details are in the form of their links, which let the message recipients know about what your company does.

So, link the banner to your campaign’s landing page. You can also link it to your offers, such as discounts, additional information, or products. Also, make the email signature banner design attractive and clickable.  

2. Segment your target audience

While running your email marketing software campaign, make sure that you precisely target the audience. You should never run one campaign for all the recipients, as not all may be interested in that content. Therefore, segment your audience precisely, considering their varied social, financial, etc. backgrounds.

For example, if you intend to promote a seasonal discount offer, you should create a different email signature design. Avoid using the regular email signature, though keep your brand elements for consistency. The new signature design will accommodate offers such as free trials, discounts, products, new solutions, recent awards, etc.

You can also run different email signature campaigns simultaneously, each email with a different message to a specified audience.

3. Include an RSS feed in your email signatures

An RSS feed has information on the content a website produces and publishes. This online file, therefore, has content details such as its full text or summary, author link, publication date, etc.

Your email signature is the right place to have an RSS feed that shows your blog title, which is vital to promoting your brand. The feed will automatically show recipients your updated content and new blogs. That means you regularly inform your audience about and promote your latest published blog.

4. Highlight events you want to attend

Another email signature marketing tip is highlighting an event you will attend shortly. It could be your business participating in a tradeshow or you are talking at an event. All you need to do is broadly mention the event in the email signature banner.

The recipient can instantly notice the information, which helps in a word of mouth publicity of the event. Additionally, it will generate awareness about your business’ participation, and more people will register for the event.

5. Add UTM to the landing page URL

UTM (Universal Transverse Mercator) is a map projection system for plane coordination. This system comprises 60 zones of 6 degrees each of longitude in width. Ensure the landing pages you intend to use in your email signatures have UTM parameters added to their URLs.

This measure will help you in accessing the data in Google Analytics. You can then know which of your email signature banned are performing well. Such stats are a big help in email signature marketing optimization. But monitor the performance of the signature design regularly so that you can make improvements based on the stats.

6. Include multiple email signature clicks.

To take maxim advantage of your email signature as a marketing tool, think of adding multiple links to the signature block. Your email signature block can adjust different links in its tiny space.

You can add clickable phone numbers of your different business departments. Consider adding links to an email address to your Support section or a link to your landing page.

7. Have a link to your shout-out content.

If you have a book or a white paper that your target audience should read, then your email signature can help. Share the link to such content with the email signature. Just incorporate a plain text link. You can also add the link to the signature banner. In this way, the signature will be your valuable asset for lead generation as more people will see the content.

8. Give a link to your promotional Videos.

If your company promotes its products or services through videos, include the links to the best video in your email signature. The recipients of your message are more likely to click on the links. They would like more details about your offerings. You can promote an event, offer, or campaign using the link.  

9. Share company values

The recipients of your emails want to deal with a trustworthy company. So, share your values at the bottom of your message where your signature appears. It helps companies generate leads and maintain client relationships.

So, when you create an email signature, include links to your company’s charity-related activities or any recent initiative it took for the welfare of society. This will build trust for your brand since the recipients can align with your brand values.

10. Remove outdated banners

Make sure your email signature does not have old and outdated banners. If the banner is no longer relevant or fits the purpose now, remove it. This means you should be updating the signature banner more often when required.

If you can schedule them in advance, that will be an excellent step to eliminate outdated banners on time. So, after the event is finished, the banner will get removed automatically due to its advanced scheduling.

These top email signature marketing tips help you grow your business. Monitor the signature banner performance and use analytics data to know what works well. Also, visit your email signature marketing strategy to do the needful.

Most importantly, use an email signature creatorto experiment with different signature banners and know which best suits your marketing campaign. Try out many such ideas before settling for an impressive banner for marketing purposes.

Wrapping Up

Email signature can also be a potent marketing tool if you can use this tiny space to your advantage. It should have the links to your landing page and contact information. You can include an RSS feed, highlight events, and multiple signature clicks for marketing your offerings.

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