11 Tips on How to Hire the Best Polish IT Talent

As new technologies emerge and business requirements shift, it becomes more difficult to stay abreast of developments and identify the options that will work best for your organization. One way to simplify these processes is to enrich the team with excellent software engineers who possess relevant skill sets. But where should you look for qualified candidates, and how do you know they are the right match for your business?

In this piece, we’ll talk about Poland as the leading location for hiring software developers, go through the challenges of hiring programmers, and discover several ways that digital tools and the right IT recruiters in Poland might improve the recruiting process for coders. By the way, if you’re interested in hiring top experts from Eastern Europe, considering its huge talent pool and affordable pay rates, Alcor BPO is the recruiting service provider with an excellent reputation in the area that can help you!

Why Should You Hire Top IT Experts in Poland?

Putting up a development team in a country like Poland allows Western companies to access a variety of tech experts since there are currently 607,000 IT specialists in the local talent pool. Moreover, foreign employers can hire skilled programmers without breaking the bank because developer remunerations in Poland are 2-3 lower than in the US and some Western countries.

As of now, this country is the preferred offshoring/outsourcing location for over 60,000 technology businesses, including Google, Oracle, IBM, Apple, Uber, and Amazon. Exports of information and communication technology services from Poland are projected to reach $13 billion by 2026.

Why Is It So Hard to Hire Qualified IT Workers for Your Company?

In recent years, there have been several factors contributing to the difficulty of hiring qualified IT professionals.

–      Economic recession

Many businesses struggled to survive in 2022 and continue facing difficulties in 2023. Declining sales, company limitations, lower consumer demand, and unstable financial markets are only some of the negative effects of the recent recession. Many businesses have reduced their spending on new hires as part of a series of austerity measures designed to keep the books balanced. One alternative may be to look for skilled programmers in countries like Poland, where the labor costs are lower than in the USA. Companies might possibly save money on salaries while still having access to qualified workers by recruiting from these pools of talent.

–      Lack of skilled workers

87% of businesses have experienced or anticipate a skills shortage in the next two years, while in artificial intelligence (AI), data analytics, web design, and cybersecurity, developer shortages are the most pressing issue. Moreover, for every 100 open positions, there are only 65 qualified applicants. Because of this, it may be difficult for a company to identify suitable applicants.

–      Intense competition for top IT talent

According to Kinsta, the demand for software engineers has doubled since 2020 and remains especially high when it comes to very specialized talents. It has become challenging to locate the appropriate employees in the IT industry now that more companies are fighting for the same pool of talent. Nevertheless, employment of software developers is expected to grow by 25% to over 2 million by 2031, much faster than the average for all occupations.

–      Accelerating technological development

The demand for AI skills has increased by 1000% in just one year, while the 5 most wanted technologies are now applied AI, industrializing machine learning, generative AI, Web3, and next-generation software development. Such rapid pace of technological development makes it challenging to always remain up-to-date. Plus, it’s difficult to find the experts in the areas, and if found, their salaries are sky-high. That is why companies enter the IT market of Eastern Europe, in particular, Poland, where the salaries are affordable, and the talent pool is constantly growing.

We’ve established why it’s so critical to discover qualified IT professionals; now, let’s talk about where to look for them.

11 Tips to Recruit Software Engineers in Poland

#1: Establish what’s expected of the candidate

Find out what you’re searching for in a prospect before you start your search. In what ways does the perfect applicant stand out? Which personality traits are necessary for success in this position? Finding the top Polish software developers will be less of a challenge once you have an ideal candidate profile.

#2: Consider the recommendations

It is also effective to ask for recommendations while searching for new employees. Inquire among colleagues and friends working in the relevant field about whether they know someone who would be a good match for the position. It usually takes a company 29 days to hire a candidate referred by an employee, which is 16 days less than via traditional hiring.

#3: Expand your search to people outside your area

Although local applicants are worthy of your time and attention, you shouldn’t overlook qualified experts from other regions of the country or even worldwide. Hiring talent from countries with lower labor costs can be more cost-effective without compromising on quality.

One of such destinations is Poland. IT outsourcing to Poland is expected to bring $2.56 billion in 2023, making Poland’s IT industry the third most competitive in Europe and the seventh most strong in the region. On top of that, Poland will have the highest quality education and strongest talent competitiveness in Europe in 2023, according to Emerging Europe.

#4: Make connections using social media

The use of social media to make contact with prospective employees is highly recommended. LinkedIn and Facebook are excellent resources for locating experts in any industry. Typically, algorithms will suggest reading material on similar topics. You may also utilize these sites to advertise open positions. The increased exposure will allow you to reach more potential employees.

#5: Think about the price of acquiring top-tier IT personnel

Finding talented people at reasonable rates is critical, but so is ensuring that you’re obtaining qualified people to fill those roles. In countries like the USA, hiring top-notch developers often comes with a significant price tag.

Nevertheless, the average wage for a Polish developer is around 2,5 times less than in the United States. Polish mobile app developers, for example, get paid far less ($26,500-$65,500) than their American counterparts ($75,500-$133,000), while being in very high demand on the worldwide market. So why pay more?

#6: Spend time conducting interviews

It is critical to meet with each applicant online to discuss their experience and talents when recruiting tech personnel. Regardless of the way of hiring – in-house or via a recruiting agency – it is still your responsibility to participate in interviews and choose the best individuals for the position.

#7: Get your IT experts involved in hiring

Including current staff in the search for new talent is a smart move. They are better able to evaluate the candidate’s abilities on technical interviews and after test tasks because of their familiarity with your company’s operations. In addition, they may provide helpful feedback on how to refine your recruitment strategy.

#8: Make use of online candidate evaluation resources

Ability testing with computerized software is very advantageous since the best applicants may be identified using such software. Award Force, Test Invite, ExamOnline, and many more are just a few of the many online evaluation resources out now. They are useful for evaluating many different abilities, including programming and marketing.

#9: Write follow-ups on all of your interviews

There are frequently many interviews involved while searching for a job. The same thing takes place when you conduct interviews for open positions in your business. You need to write a short note after each interview to remember the strengths of the candidate and the key points of the meeting. At first, it may seem like a strenuous and time-consuming task. But if you maintain a record of job interviews, you’ll have an easier time choosing the perfect fit for your vacancy.

#10: Give feedback after each interview step

Providing feedback to each candidate is a crucial aspect of the recruitment process, as it not only helps them to understand how they performed but also reflects positively on your company’s professionalism and transparency. Remember that feedback should always be delivered respectfully and with the intention of helping the candidate grow professionally, regardless of whether they were successful in the interview process or not.

#11: Get in touch with a recruitment agency

When seeking qualified experts in the IT field, recruitment firms are invaluable resources. They may reach out to a large pool of potential employees and assist you in conducting preliminary interviews to determine who among the applicants is the best match for your organization.

Forget About All the Hiring Hurdles

Consider Alcor, a reliable IT recruiting firm, as your partner that can cover your hiring needs. It is a global staffing agency that seeks experienced software engineers from Eastern European countries, including Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, and others, for multinational corporations based in the USA and Western Europe.

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