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If you have visited EmploymentLawHandbook.com previously, you have noticed significant changes have been made to our design, layout, and organization. These changes represent a renewed commitment to our visitors to provide a growing catalogue of accurate and up-to-date information about federal and state employment and labor laws.

As part of our relaunch, we have included a blog. The intent of the blog is the same as our site: provide reliable information to help our visitors answer their employment-related questions. To achieve this goal, we will include posts discussing elements of the various employment and labor laws, addressing new laws or changes to existing laws, and providing practical advice on how to find information about employment laws and how to best implement them.

We also hope that through the comment section of each blog post, our visitors will share their own insights and experiences to help enhance the value of the post’s content. We encourage our visitors to participate actively in each discussion. Also, if you have an interest in posting an article on our blog on a relevant topic, please contact us and we will work with you to make that possible.

The number and complexity of laws affecting employers and employees is significant and growing. Reliable resources are necessary to understand our obligation under those laws. We hope you find this blog and the rest of EmploymentLawHandbook.com to be one of those resource you can rely on to help you find answers your many employment and labor law questions.

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Drew Lunt is the President of The Lunt Group LLC, the company that owns and operates EmploymentLawHandbook.com. Mr. Lunt is a licensed attorney with over 15 years experience practicing employment and labor law. His prior experience includes working for private law firms as well as the National Labor Relations Board and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. We are grateful to have you as a visitor to our site.

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