Be Informed on State Employment Laws

Information is power and in the hands of serious employers this information can help to ensure that they are treating all employees fairly and according to state law. Employee handbooks should be standard for every company, especially companies in California, but in the event that your business does not have one, there are resources on our website you can access to learn about labor laws for yourself. These resources provide the state’s guidelines for employment topics such as sick and holiday leave, severance pay, minimum wage and more.

As an employer, these informational resources can help you understand the state laws governing such topics as overtime, voting leave, and jury duty leave, and help you build a solid employee handbook that accurately represents the laws. It is critical that companies, particularly those in California and other states with strict workplace laws, act in compliance with these laws or they could be exposed to employee lawsuits that cost money and time. By performing your due diligence, you are setting your company up for success because you are following the standards set by the higher authorities.

The resources on our site can help you find out what the state laws say you can do about meals and breaks, the legal parameters regarding leave of any type, and many other laws that may impact your employees. This information should be the foundation of a company’s labor policy to ensure that everyone is working off of the same page and understands the required standards. The best part is that you can find all this information through our online resource, making it convenient and accessible to for you. You should make it a point to refer back to this site often to check for updates so that your company’s information is consistently updated for everyone’s benefit.

Whether you are an employer looking for employee handbooks California or any other state or an employee researching the state’s laws because you have no other guidance, this site is designed to be user friendly and informative. One way to protect yourself is to read up on the information for yourself. If you find that further action is needed, then our employee handbook experts are available to help you find what you need.