Directly Related to Management or General Business Operations – Administrative Employee Exemption

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To perform work”directly related to the management or general business operations” for purposes of the administrative employee exemption under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), an employee must be directly assisting in running and/or servicing the business. 29 CFR 541.201(a) This may include, but is not limited to, work performed in the areas of:

  • tax;
  • finance;
  • accounting;
  • budgeting;
  • auditing;
  • insurance;
  • quality control;
  • purchasing;
  • procurement;
  • advertising;
  • marketing;
  • research;
  • safety and health;
  • personnel management;
  • human resources;
  • employee benefits;
  • labor relations;
  • public relations;
  • government relations;
  • computer network, internet and database administration;
  • legal and regulatory compliance; and
  • client or customer consulting.

29 CFR 541.201(b)-(c)

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