How to take a good photo for your CV: Our top tips!

Compiling a good CV is the first step to applying for jobs. You need to craft every section carefully so the CV represents your skills and knowledge in front of the recruiters. While adding your experiences and certifications is straightforward, many struggle with the CV photo. And no, that photo someone took of you on your vacation won’t look professional. If you aren’t sure how to take a good photo for the CV, this guide is for you!

The rules for a CV photo

If you have gone through various job listings, you will notice that a CV photo is one of the requirements. It is a must-have if you’re applying for a job abroad. After all, the recruiters want to see your face before meeting you. That photo represents you even before you speak to them at the job interview. A great image is a good career move, especially if this is required on the job listing. 

First, remember to get a good portrait photo of your head and shoulders. Take the photo under good light so your face is visible. Look straight at the camera to look professional. You can go for a gentle smile, but avoid anything exaggerated. 

The ideal scenario is to go to a studio and have the photo taken by a professional. But if you ask someone to take a picture at home, remember that you should be about 40 cm away from the camera for the best effect. 

The background

As for the background, there are a few things to consider. Taking photos in a studio is the safest bet. But the background might be a concern if you take your pictures home. With so many things around, finding an empty spot seems impossible. We understand that not everyone has a minimalist home. And no, you can’t take a CV photo before the wall art. 

When taking pictures at home, stand ahead of a neutral background. An empty wall is the perfect option. But if you struggle to find the ideal spot, blur the background of a photo to remove the distractions. 

Another good option is to get a large piece of white paper and use it as a background. Ensure your spot has enough Lithgow to make the photo bright and clear. 

What should you wear for a CV photo?

You should pay attention to every detail in the photo, including the clothing. Even though the dress is only visible to your shoulders, it can give an idea about your professionalism. The clothing depends on the job. A formal store would be the best if the job includes a corporate setting. A formal shirt is enough to showcase your attention to detail. For more casual office settings, feel free to go for business casual. Blazers, shirts, and sweaters are suitable for a CV photo. 

While bikinis already sound inappropriate for a CV photo, so do deep V-cut shirts and tight clothes. Different companies have different dress code cultures, but some things are unacceptable. 

CV photo size

Once you have the photos ready, you should resize them. There is no standard format of the CV photo that you should take for granted. Instead, go with what works for your specific CV format. Nowadays, there are so many creative and different formats, so we can’t determine the perfect formula for the photo size. Make sure the photo fits and does not cover any other information.

Featured image by Unsplash

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