5 Tips for Giving an Employee Financial Help

Occasionally, an employee might encounter severe financial issues and discuss them with you, their employer and small business owner. Numerous employees continue to struggle with financial complications stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic and, now faced with high inflation, they are confronted with new economic difficulties. While exhibiting compassion is beneficial as a proprietor, it’s equally important to be mindful of potential problems if you’re considering helping.

Assist Workers in Affording Certain Items They Desire

Employees might struggle with the discipline required to save money for their wants or necessities. To assist, employers can provide different payroll solutions and deduction alternatives. The funds are deducted from the employees’ salaries, with the employer overseeing the transaction process.

Certain payroll deductions present employee tax benefits, allowing them to cover necessary expenses with pre-tax dollars. This is possible through a health or dependent care flexible spending account (FSA). Conversely, some deductions occur post-tax, such as those for pet insurance or the purchase of U.S. savings bonds.

Establish an Emergency Savings Fund Supported by Your Employer

It’s understood that bad credit loans and financial hardships experienced by employees can create waves of lowered productivity and increased stress within your organization. Thus, consider setting up an employer-supported emergency savings fund to enhance your support further.

This could involve a fund-matching program for your employees, where you match a certain percentage of their contributions up to a specified limit. This initiative would significantly boost their capacity to save for unforeseen circumstances such as vehicle malfunctions or family crises.

Assist Staff in Saving for Retirement

Many workers feel they lack the financial means to retire, finding it difficult to save money independently. Retirement plans provided by employers are significant in establishing a secure financial future.

There are numerous retirement plan options available for small businesses. Employers can contribute to these plans, often by matching employee contributions, which encourages workers to contribute themselves.

Small businesses without a qualified retirement plan must register their employees in state programs in certain states. These programs function like Roth IRA accounts, where payroll deductions are made, but the employer does not contribute on behalf of the employee.

Line Management Training

While financial resilience is largely an individual journey, it also necessitates a coordinated group effort, beginning with your immediate supervisors. These individuals are often the first point of contact for employees dealing with job-related stress, which often encompasses finances-related issues.

Revising your supervisor training programs to incorporate methods for recognizing signs of financial stress and providing initial advice is essential. Equip your supervisors with the necessary skills to guide their team members towards suitable financial resources or internal workshops.

Utilize Technology

In normal circumstances, employees who encounter unexpected expenses midway through the month may resort to high-interest credit, which could have lasting adverse effects on their financial situation. However, with technology like on-demand pay apps, employees can instantly access the pay they’ve already earned, offering them more adaptability to manage unforeseen costs. Supplying this type of financial safety net can alleviate some of the stress that leads to poor financial health without additional costs to the employer.


These are the few ways to assist your employees with their living expenses and the associated stress. Remember, an employer’s responsibility extends beyond the regular work hours. In addition to addressing physical and mental health, it’s crucial to incorporate financial wellness into your comprehensive employee benefits package, and this should be maintained throughout the year.

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