How to Choose an Employment Attorney You Can Trust

Being let go from your job and selecting an employment lawyer to help evaluate your entitlements and advocate for a more favorable settlement isn’t as straightforward as inspecting a new car or picking out a wedding gown.

The situation is made even more challenging by the substantial stress one experiences due to job loss and apprehension about future earnings. The self-questioning and worrying aren’t the best conditions to make such a crucial decision.

Seek Recommendations

Recommendations from trusted individuals are incredibly valuable. If a close friend or family member had a positive encounter with a particular law firm, you will likely do so too. Conversely, if a friend relays a terrible experience with a specific firm, you now know to eliminate them from your consideration.

Furthermore, if you’ve previously worked with a lawyer specializing in a different field, consider asking them for any employment lawyer recommendations. It’s highly probable they know someone! They might even have colleagues within their firm who can assist with your case.


In the current era, lawyers often find themselves juggling many cases, leaving them with minimal time to study and advocate for each one. Using a platform like Gavel can help ease the workload. The issue with most lawyers is that they seldom turn down new clients, regardless of their existing workload.

Assigning your case to a lawyer only when you are thoroughly convinced of their competency is strongly suggested. While it’s understandable that your case isn’t the only one your lawyer is dealing with, they should prioritize it. As your case progresses, more issues that demand attention will likely surface.


The expertise of the lawyer you select to champion your case is a significant element to consider. It’s suggested to pick a lawyer with ample experience and a demonstrated success record to guarantee your case achieves a favorable outcome.

Your case could relate to unjust dismissal, a violation of an employment contract by your employer, or any other matter – there are numerous potential routes for progression. A proficient lawyer will consistently identify the most suitable route and guide your case along the correct trajectory.

Firm Size

Like many others, you might find that a smaller or medium-sized firm is more appropriate for your needs; these firms can often seem less overwhelming and may promote a stronger rapport with your employment attorney.

Different firm sizes can reflect different philosophies, so it’s worth scrutinizing the websites or promotional resources of the firms you’re considering to assess if they align with your expectations. Be cautious of firms that purport to consist of a “team of lawyers”, yet only display one lawyer’s profile on their website.

Trust Your Gut

You must be at ease with the attorney representing you in any negotiations, disputes, or courtroom settings. You must remember that your aim isn’t to find a companion, but an advocate who will strive to secure what’s rightfully yours within the boundaries of law and based on your unique circumstances.

However, have a lawyer with whom you can confidently ask questions and discuss your case and who consistently exudes professionalism. If you’ve thoroughly researched, are familiar with the attorney’s history of cases, and have faith in them based on their expertise and suggested course of action, your intuitive senses can aid you in making the conclusive choice.


Finding the right employment lawyer might require several consultations. You should seek a lawyer who balances between being assertive without being overly aggressive, and being careful without excessive caution. Ideally, they should not be excessively calm, yet not too aggressive either.

Employment Law Updates
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Employment Law Updates
Laws change in a moment. Sign up to stay informed.

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