Rhode Island Employment and Labor Law Updates 2018

July 2 – Gov. Raimondo signed a law including electronic smoking devices with the definition of smoking for purposes of workplace smoking prohibitions

On July 2, 2018, Governor Raimondo signed Senate Bill 2228. The new law expands the definition of smoking in the state’s Public Health and Workplace Safety Act to include electronic smoking devices, electronic nicotine delivery system products and other products that rely on vaporization or aerosolization.

The new law became effective when it was signed.
June 28 – Gov. Raimondo signed a law clarifying regarding electronic paystubs

On June 28, 2018, Governor Raimondo signed House Bill 7800 (see also Senate Bill 2597). The new law clarifies that employers are permitted to provide required paystubs electronically.

The new law becomes effective on June 28, 2018.