Why you may need to hire a federal drug trafficking defense attorney

Drug charges can have serious repercussions that will follow you for life, so if you are facing federal drug trafficking charges it is crucial to seek legal representation as soon as possible.

Conviction on this charge could result in jail time, steep fines and the creation of an adverse criminal record that will tarnish your career prospects, personal relationships and civil liberties for years to come.

Drug Trafficking vs Drug Possession

Drug trafficking and possession are both illegal, yet their penalties vary significantly. A conviction for drug trafficking often brings harsher federal charges with greater consequences than state level felony drug possession offenses. Federal charges typically arise where evidence points toward larger-scale illicit drug operations including large sums of cash, suspicious behavior or communications that suggest dealing or possession of tools such as scales for weighing drugs is available to law enforcement officials.

Prosecutors typically rely on evidence such as drug amounts found in your possession as evidence of your intent to sell them, as well as circumstantial proof, such as having access to drug paraphernalia used for packaging, transporting, or preparing illicit substances; or keeping a list of people you owe money too and communications devices in your possession.

Drug trafficking charges require the help of an experienced New York criminal attorney, such as those at Greco Neyland PC whose founding members include former narcotics prosecutors who will fight tirelessly on your behalf to defend you and safeguard your rights.

The Controlled Substances Act

Drug trafficking cases are taken very seriously by federal prosecutors and could carry substantial jail time. If you’ve been charged with an offense that falls under federal law, immediately hire an attorney to build your defense strategy and begin building it right away.

Federal drug charges typically stem from activities involving large quantities of illegal drugs that have been transported across state lines for sale, manufacturing or distribution – such as selling, manufacturing or distributing drugs illegally as well as money laundering related to drug trafficking and money laundering activities related to such crimes. Furthermore, criminal gangs that operate their own drug enterprises could face federal prosecution as well.

The Controlled Substances Act (CSA) is a federal law that regulates the manufacture, importation, possession and use of controlled substances like narcotics, stimulants, depressants, hallucinogens, anabolic steroids and other chemicals. The CSA classifies these substances into schedules depending on their accepted medical uses as well as potential for abuse or addiction. Drug trafficking penalties depend on two factors: type and quantity in possession. Individuals often turn informant in order to avoid serious drug convictions; however this decision can turn against them later down the line.

Defense Strategies for Drug Trafficking

An experienced criminal attorney has many ways of defending his or her client against federal drug trafficking charges. They will thoroughly research the case, scrutinize evidence brought against their client and consult witnesses in order to find flaws or weaknesses in prosecutor arguments that will provide grounds for successful defense strategies.

They may argue that there is insufficient physical evidence against you for drug trafficking, and may cite that law enforcement officers or the DEA did not adhere to proper procedures when searching your property – for example, having obtained a search warrant signed off by a judge before conducting their search warrant search of either your home or vehicle.

Attorneys may also dispute the intent element of drug trafficking charges. In order to establish drug trafficking, the State must demonstrate not only possession but also intent; otherwise they could charge with lesser offenses like felony possession instead.

Seek Professional Legal Representation for Successful Results

If you are facing drug trafficking charges, it is essential to secure legal representation that has a track record of successfully defending criminal cases. Your attorney should be familiar with federal law as well as possess experience handling drug-related matters.

If convicted of drug trafficking, you could face decades in prison and steep fines. A successful defense requires finding potential grounds for appeals that can be presented convincingly to the court; an experienced drug-related appeals attorney would be your best bet in doing so.

Justice systems take drug trafficking charges seriously and penalties can be devastating for your life and career. Whether your case has escalated due to simple possession or other circumstances, finding legal representation as soon as possible to safeguard yourself is essential in finding success with any defense strategy you devise. Speak with a qualified federal drug trafficking attorney immediately in order to begin planning for this aspect of your defense strategy.

Definition Of Illicit Substances

Drug trafficking involves possessing illegal controlled substances in large quantities with the intent of selling them on to others, which constitutes a serious federal crime that carries prison terms and fines that can reach into six figures.

The government identifies illicit drugs into three schedules; each schedule depends on a drug’s accepted medical use and potential for abuse. Heroin and cocaine fall under Schedule I while Schedule II drugs have lower abuse levels but carry greater risks of addiction and dependence; marijuana and amphetamines fall into Schedule II while Schedule III plants or substances pose moderate abuse risks but could still be useful medically.

Drug possession can be charged both state and federally. When selling, transporting, or distributing drugs across state lines or national borders, however, individuals are prosecuted under federal law as drug traffickers and face federal prosecution by using sophisticated investigative techniques such as wiretapping and undercover officers for prosecution purposes. Convictions for drug trafficking typically carry substantial prison terms as well as fines.

Proving Federal Drug Charges

Doing business with the federal government can be daunting and stressful, with serious prison sentences and fines attached if found guilty. Therefore, having a reliable criminal defense attorney ready as soon as you realize there may be allegations or charges brought against you is crucial.

To prosecute someone for drug trafficking, the prosecution must establish that you knowingly possessed and intended to distribute drugs. Prosecutors often use evidence such as wiretaps and undercover officers in this effort.

Attempts by law enforcement to violate your Fourth Amendment rights by searching or seizing your property without a warrant, or exceeding its scope, could allow you to have evidence suppressed. This tactic is particularly effective against drug traffickers. Likewise, challenging chain of custody could also help; if evidence can show that the drugs weren’t handled appropriately they could be excluded from your case altogether.

Potential Defenses

If you find yourself being investigated or charged with drug trafficking, you should hire a federal criminal defense lawyer immediately. This is due to the severity of its penalties; including decades in prison and heavy fines that can bankrupt both you and your family.

A quality federal drug defense attorney will be able to identify any violations of your rights during the investigation and arrest process, and use that evidence against you in court proceedings as arguments in your favor, such as breaching constitutional rights or entrapment.

Your federal defense attorney may also argue that you had no intention of selling or distributing the drugs in question; since conviction requires evidence of intent. Your defense lawyer could also argue that duress forced you to perform illegal acts.


Drug trafficking is one of the most serious federal crimes, with long prison sentences potentially attached. There are various defense strategies available to you when facing these allegations – an experienced defense lawyer can help protect your rights during investigations and arrest processes by looking into possible violations by law enforcement officers.

Drug trafficking convictions carry various penalties that depend on the type and quantity of illegal substances involved, as well as whether any deaths or serious bodily injuries occurred due to the crime. A conviction will also leave its mark on your record, possibly impacting reputation, job opportunities, civil liberties and immigration status. If you have been charged with drug trafficking, it is essential that you contact a criminal defense attorney immediately. An experienced legal representative can investigate and prepare an effective defense strategy on your behalf to increase the chance that charges against you may be dropped or dropped altogether. A great place to find one in Canada might be asking friends, family or legal professionals for referrals; alternatively try searching online and getting free consultations and payment plans offered from several lawyers.

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