Idaho – Wage Payment Laws

Frequency of Wage Payments

An employer must pay all employees at least once per month on a payday designated by the employer. The employer’s payday cannot be more than 15 days after the end of the pay period. If the regular payday lands on a non-work day and the next workday is more than 15 days after the end of the pay period, the employer must pay employees on a workday preceding the normal payday. An employer may obtain an exemption from the ID Department of Labor from being required to pay employees within 15 days of the end of the pay period upon a showing of good cause. Idaho Stat. 45-608

Manner of Wage Payments

An employer may pay wages by:

Direct Deposit

An employer may pay wages by direct deposit, so long as the employee has consented to the deposit. Idaho Stat. 45-608

Payment upon Separation from Employment

An employer must pay an employee upon separation from employment, regardless of the reason, all wages due the employee by the earlier of:

  • the next regularly scheduled payday, or
  • within 10 days of such separation from employment, not including weekends or holidays.

This requirement applies whether the employer discharged or laid off the employee or the employee quit or resigned due to a labor dispute (strike).

If an employee submits a written request to an employer for payment of wages after separation from employment, an employer must pay the employee all wages due within 48 hours of receipt of the request, not including weekends or holidays.

Upon showing of good cause, an employer can obtain from the Idaho Department of Labor an extension for payment of wages upon separation from employment.

Idaho Stat. 45-606

Wages in Dispute

In case of a dispute between an employer and an employee as to the amount of wages due an employee, the employer must timely pay, without condition, all wages, or parts thereof, conceded by the employer to be due, leaving to the employee all remedies the employee might otherwise be entitled. The acceptance by an employee of payment of uncontested wages does not constitute a release or accord and satisfaction with respect to the disputed amount. Idaho Stat. 45-611

Deductions from Wages

An employer may not withhold or deduct any portion of an employee’s wages unless:

  • required or authorized by law, or
  • the employee consents in writing.

An employer, with the written consent of an employee, may deduct from an employee’s wages:

  • cash shortages,
  • damage or lost property,
  • the cost of uniforms or necessary equipment,
  • dishonored or bad checks, or
  • any similar deductions.

Idaho Stat. 45-609

Uniforms, Tools, and Other Equipment Necessary for Employment

Idaho does not have any laws prohibiting an employer from requiring an employee to purchase a uniform, tools, or other items necessary for employment. An employer would be required to have the written consent of the employee to deduct the cost of the uniform, tools, or other items from the employee’s wages.

Pre-hire Medical, Physical, or Drug Tests

Idaho does not have any laws prohibiting an employer from requiring an applicant or employee to pay the cost of a medical examination or the cost of furnishing any records required by the employer as a condition of employment.

Notice of Wage Reduction

An employer must give an employee notice of any wage reduction prior to any work being performed by the employee at the reduced wage rate. An employee can request an employer provide the notice of the wage reduction in writing. Idaho Stat. 45-610

Statement of Wages (Pay Stub)

An employer must provide employees with a statement of the deductions made from their paycheck each pay period in which deductions are made. Idaho Stat. 45-609

Record Keeping Requirements

An employer must keep employment records for a minimum of three (3) years from the last date the employee worked for the employer. Idaho Stat. 45-610

Notice Requirements

An employer must inform each employee at the time of hire what their rate of pay will be and what the payday will be. An employee can request the employer provide this information in writing. Idaho Stat. 45-610

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