Employee Handbook Review

Are you worried your outdated employee handbook will get you into trouble?

If your handbook hasn’t been reviewed recently by an experienced professional you might be putting yourself at risk for some sleepless nights

  • Have workplace laws changed since you last updated your employee handbook?
  • Have you found out the hard way that your employee handbook doesn’t have all the workplace policies you need?
  • Have you created your own employee handbook but are uncertain about whether it complies with all your state’s laws?
Let us help give you the peace of mind of knowing your employee handbook is up-to-date and ready for you to enforce with confidence.

Our Employee Handbook Review Process

Our experts review your employee handbook and provide you an actionable report
We start our employee handbook review process by reviewing your handbook to identify the following:
  • new policies and updates to existing policies that are needed to bring you into compliance with federal, state, and local changes in laws
  • updates that are recommended to provide additional protection or to improve policy effectiveness
  • organizational and formatting changes to make it easier for employees to find the answers to their questions
When we have completed the review, we send you a an actionable report detailing the changes we have identified. The cost of this review and report is $199.
Our experts are available to help you with your updates
Along with the report, we also provide a fixed-price quote for us to make the changes for you. If you decide to accept our quote, we work with you to make the changes to your handbook that we recommended. During this process, we will also add any new policies or make any changes to your handbook that you haven’t previously had time to do yourself.
When we are done, you will receive a handbook you can implement with confidence. And on top that, we can print, bind, and ship your new handbooks at a cost that is lower than your local printing company.
Contact us today have your handbook reviewed so that you will have the confidence you need to enforce your workplace policies. To get started with your employee handbook review, give us a call at (866) 280-5885 or fill out the form below and we will contact you to discuss your employee handbook review needs.
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Contact us today for more information about our employee handbook review and update services

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