Employer Support Services

At EmploymentLawHandbook.com, it is our mission to help businesses navigate the increasingly difficult world of workplace laws while maximizing the productivity and efficiency of employees. We believe that some of the best ways to achieve these goals is for businesses to have employee handbooks and written processes and procedures that are up-to-date and customized to each business’ needs. For that reason, we offer the following services.

New Employee Handbooks

As an employer, are employee problems robbing you of time, money, and peace of mind? Do you worry about employees abusing unwritten policies, time and attendance issues, employee discipline, and potential legal problems, not to mention all the other issues you face as an employer? An employee handbook may be just what you need and we can help. Find out more about how we can help you build an employee handbook that is custom to your business and fully compliant with all federal and state laws that apply to you.
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Employee Handbook Review and Updates

Are you worried that your outdated employee handbook will get you into trouble? Do you know if employment laws have changed since you last updated your handbook? Have you created your own employee handbook but need someone to review it to make sure everything is right? We can help give you the peace of mind you need. Find out more about how our employee handbook review and update service can give you confidence in your employee handbook again.
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Policies and Procedures

Is it time to take your business to the next level? Do your employees use different methods for completing the same task making it difficult to ensure quality? Do you have regulatory guidelines your employees must follow to stay legally compliant? Do you worry about knowledge loss when your key employees quit? Developing written standardized policies, processes, and procedures many be what you are missing. Find out more about how our experts can help you develop the policies and procedures that will improve employee productivity and help protect your business.
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eStore: Books and Downloads

Visit our eStore to purchase books, downloads, handbooks, and other tools to help you manage your workforce. Books and downloads available for purchase include our State Employment Laws series covering all 50 states plus the District of Columbia, 50 state employment law surveys covering over 40 topics, and handbooks and guides from Nolo, one of the most respected publishers of Human Resources tools.
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