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Do you have a workplace issue and need help finding a solution?
Ask your question in our Members’ Forum and we will help. offers a forum where our staff and other members will help answer your workplace-related questions. The only requirement to post in our Members’ Forum is that you have a basic membership to our site. Best of all, for a limited time, we are offering lifetime access to our basic membership for only $9.99 (normally $4.99 per month).
Benefits of the Members’ Forum
  • You can ask an unlimited number of questions.
  • Our staff and many of our members have a lot of experience solving work-related issues, so you will get the answers you need.
  • Save time by not having to search all over the internet for answers.
  • Save money by not having to call high-cost experts for every question you have.
  • Get the confidence that you are making the right decisions about your workforce.
Other benefits of registering now
In addition to getting a lifetime basic membership to our site, you will get a 50% lifetime discount on all future higher-priced membership options. Additionally, you will have preview access to Standard Membership content as it become available over the next several month. Once our Standard Membership option becomes active and you are no longer able to access its products with your Basic Membership, you will be entitled to a 50% lifetime discount on our Standard Membership option.
This introductory offer will not last long. So register now before it is gone.
Additional membership features

In addition to forum access, basic members receive the following benefits:

Advanced Search & Filter
One of our goals in developing our membership area was to help reduce the amount of time our members spend researching. The advanced search and filter feature does just that. Available in the sidebar of every page as well as its own stand-alone page, the advanced search and filter feature allows you to jump from state to state, topic to topic, or any combination of the two with just a few key strokes.
Print and PDF Pages
In our non-member area, the only option to print is to use your browser’s print function which results in printing everything, including ads, sidebars, and other elements you may not want. The enhanced printing and PDF function in our member’s area allows you to delete page content directly in your browser, allowing you to print or save as a PDF only those portions of a page you want.
No Ads
In the free areas of our site, we have ads throughout our three-column page layout. These ads provide revenue to help us continue providing quality content. In our membership area, our pages are displayed with a two-page layout and contain no ads, making it easier for you to do your employment law research without any ad disruption.
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