EEOC Closes Fiscal Year with a Decrease in Cases

According to an analysis by Seyfarth Shaw, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has closed its fiscal year with a marked decrease in cases filed. The COVID-19 pandemic, a change in leadership at the EEOC, and the employer-friendly Trump administration may be behind this trend. For the past twenty-five years, the EEOC has seen a … Read more

Five Recent Court Cases Affecting Employers

The law keeps changing as courts hand down cases, and employers need to be up-to-date. Three U.S. Supreme Court cases and two federal circuit court cases round out the recent decisions that employers should be aware of. U.S. Supreme Court In Bostock v. Clayton County, the court held that “An employer who fires an individual … Read more

Ten Federal Employment Laws You Want to Know

Labor laws set and mandate the relationship between an employer and their employees. Both federal and state governments within the United States have enacted employment laws to protect the rights, health, and financial remuneration of workers. A rule of thumb to follow is that federal laws tend to constitute a minimum level of employment regulation, … Read more

Six Hardy Perennials of Employment Lawsuits

A few areas of law are of perpetual concern for employers. These hardy perennials of lawsuits include sexual harassment, background checks, discrimination, personal injury, wrongful termination, and overtime. While such cases do not always generate new issues for higher courts to examine, they reliably spring from human nature, and as such employers must be perennially … Read more

Employment laws can change in a moment.
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