Four Valuable Telework Assignments for Managers on Shelter in Place

working from home

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many companies to a screeching halt and business owner’s hearts racing, trying to figure out how to keep their workforce employed. Although normal productivity and operations have pivoted dramatically, there are areas of your business that can be fortified during this time of crisis. Managers can engage in several valuable … Read more

What Surveys Are Saying about Employee Engagement

A review of some recent surveys concerning employee engagement shows a remarkable similarity in several results and leads to some important suggestions on how to improve engagement. All the surveys point to how highly employees value engagement and how engagement improves retention. And since it is expensive to replace employees, finding ways to increase engagement … Read more

Flextime–The Myth, Policy, and Pitfalls

Finding employees to abide by a rigid attendance schedule is becoming more difficult as the trend of flextime grows and gains popularity. According to the U.S. Employee Workforce report, the number of employees working from home has risen 115 percent since 2005, with reports showing higher levels of job satisfaction along with reduced levels of … Read more

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