Why You Should Consider Hiring Someone with a Criminal Record

A significant issue facing the United States is the number of people who have criminal records and the fact that most employers aren’t willing to hire them. It makes sense that organizations want to protect their employees from dangerous people. But the truth is, there are many people with felony convictions, who aren’t harmful. They … Read more

What’s in Store for Applicant Tracking Software?

It can take a long time to hire a new employee, and the process can be frustrating for potential employees and employers alike. What’s more, a recent study conducted by Cornell University points to a potential problem with applicant tracking software (ATS) that could lead to regulation that employers will need to heed. According to … Read more

Did Trump Properties Knowingly Employ Undocumented Workers?

Over the past two months, Trump National Golf Clubs in Westchester, New York; Bedminster, New Jersey; and Pine Hill, New Jersey, have been in the news for employing undocumented workers and thereafter terminating the workers after press coverage revealed their unauthorized employment. As an immigration compliance attorney, my first question is whether Trump properties knew … Read more

The Importance of Background Checks When Hiring Non-Nationals

Non-nationals contribute genuine value to the workplace, bringing a strong work ethic and essential skills that are often in shortage. Indeed, essential services including healthcare and public transport are propped up by immigrant communities, but are you conducting a thorough background check to ensure that they can legally work? In the UK, we have the … Read more

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