What Businesses Should Know about COVID-19

There are many things businesses are obliged to consider during this current outbreak of the novel coronavirus, which causes the disease COVID-19. Some businesses have even shut down voluntarily or been shut down by government decree, while others remain open. For those businesses that remain open, there is a lot to keep apprised of, as … Read more

The Necessity for Policies, SOPs, and Job Descriptions

The policies, standard operating procedures (SOPs), and job descriptions are the internal guidance system of your company. Operating a business without policies, SOPs, and job descriptions is like attempting to play a new board game without reading the rule book first, leading to confusion, conflict, and blame. Taking the time to design the layout and … Read more

Dealing with the Coronavirus at the Workplace

As the coronavirus outbreak continues to spread across the United States, employers may be concerned about how it will affect them. Two areas of concern are what to do on a day-to-day basis to lessen the risk of infection and whether and how to implement a new work-from-home policy. CDC Recommendations Regarding day-to-day practices, the … Read more

Five Things to Consider When Designing a Dress Code Policy

Dress codes are one of those company standards that are never easy to deal with and seem to get more complicated every day. Terms like “business casual,” or “office casual,” leave room to each employee’s interpretation making it tough to deem what’s inappropriate without it being viewed as discriminatory. Recent legal protections based on sexual … Read more

Drug Testing Do’s and Don’ts

Hand holding empty urine plastic container

Misuse of drugs and alcohol is often a cause of accident and injury, which is why employers test their applicants and those already employed. Drug and alcohol abuse impair a person’s ability to perform even the basic, day-to-day tasks. This results in reduced productivity, increased risks of accident and injury, and putting themselves and others … Read more

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