2019 News Roundup

The year that’s ending saw many developments in the laws and trends affecting employers. Most notable was the change in overtime rules, which will affect thousands of employers beginning in 2020. There were many other changes as well, including minimum wages increases and a ruling on the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA). Details appear below. … Read more

Diversity and Compliance in the Workplace

Businesses that do not recruit from diverse talent may have a more difficult time filling key roles and are missing out on qualified candidates. Having a diverse workforce with bilingual employees from varying ethnic backgrounds enables people to collaborate, fuel creativity, and enhance talent. Teams will benefit from improved productivity, tolerance, and communication, which can … Read more

Who May Soon Receive Paid Parental Leave?

Recent news stories tell of a defense appropriations bill that includes a new benefit for federal workers: paid parental leave of up to twelve weeks on the birth, adoption, or fostering of a child. Paid parental leave has long been a goal of the federal workforce, and parental leave bills have been introduced before as … Read more

What’s in Store for Applicant Tracking Software?

It can take a long time to hire a new employee, and the process can be frustrating for potential employees and employers alike. What’s more, a recent study conducted by Cornell University points to a potential problem with applicant tracking software (ATS) that could lead to regulation that employers will need to heed. According to … Read more

Ten Federal Employment Laws You Want to Know

Labor laws set and mandate the relationship between an employer and their employees. Both federal and state governments within the United States have enacted employment laws to protect the rights, health, and financial remuneration of workers. A rule of thumb to follow is that federal laws tend to constitute a minimum level of employment regulation, … Read more

Employment laws can change in a moment.
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