What You Need to Know about Workplace Discrimination

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Discrimination is not just against the law. It is also wrong and can cause long-term, irreparable damage to both victims and their workplaces. Unfortunately, workplace discrimination continues to be a major problem in the United States, with hundreds of thousands of reported cases every year. It is important for all employees and employers to understand … Read more

Five Useful Tips to Handle High-Volume Hiring Efficiently

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High-volume hiring involves recruiting several employees in a short span of time and is generally done when a company grows exponentially or is opening a new office. For certain companies, the number of recruits may be in dozens, while for some, it may be in thousands. Whether you are recruiting a single employee or thousands, … Read more

What’s in the Works at the Department of Labor

Recently the Department of Labor (DOL) announced the promulgation of long-awaited overtime rules, which have been detailed previously on this blog. There is more in the works at the DOL than those new rules, however. Here are some of the ongoing and forthcoming developments from the department. Restaurants The DOL is continuing to pursue enforcement … Read more

Employment laws can change in a moment.
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