Four Benefits of Having a Cross-Training Program

Running a small business can be unpredictable, and if you want to accomplish more work with fewer workers, cross-training employees is a great way maximize your team. Cross-training is the practice of teaching employees to do multiple jobs so they can shift jobs when needed, helping to reduce costs, increase productivity, lower turnover, and improve … Read more

How does my legal marijuana use affect my pre-employment drug test


The support for the legalization of weed has been growing spontaneously. A 1969 survey by Gallup showed that only 12% of Americans supported its legalization then. The percentage of Americans supporting weed legalization grew to an astounding 66% by 2018. Albeit steadily, weed is certainly shifting from a fantasy to a mainstream drug just like … Read more

What Are the Basic Elements of Sexual Harassment Training?

Recently, McDonald’s announced a new training initiative in support of a “professional, safe and respectful workplace.” The training will address workplace violence; the prevention of harassment, discrimination, and retaliation; understanding unconscious bias; and antibullying, as well as bystander scenarios. In advancing this training, this major employer is not only addressing requirements already in effect in … Read more

Seven Ways to Make Your Meetings Awesome and Effective

Many online sources say that in-person meetings are becoming extinct as the age videoconferencing thrives, but don’t buy into the claim that millennials have some strong aversion to face-to-face contact. Humans are social creatures, and although meetings can be dull, all generations appreciate one-on-one interaction. The truth is that the newer generations in the workplace … Read more

What Surveys Are Saying about Employee Engagement

A review of some recent surveys concerning employee engagement shows a remarkable similarity in several results and leads to some important suggestions on how to improve engagement. All the surveys point to how highly employees value engagement and how engagement improves retention. And since it is expensive to replace employees, finding ways to increase engagement … Read more

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