Workplace Violence: Facts and Training

Fortunately for employers and employees alike, workplace violence has shown a decreasing trend in recent years, but it remains a serious problem that affects all types of businesses. Like workplace accidents, workplace violence is costly. One estimate puts the average expense of an incident of workplace violence at $17,000. In addition, surveys report that workplace … Read more

Six Hardy Perennials of Employment Lawsuits

A few areas of law are of perpetual concern for employers. These hardy perennials of lawsuits include sexual harassment, background checks, discrimination, personal injury, wrongful termination, and overtime. While such cases do not always generate new issues for higher courts to examine, they reliably spring from human nature, and as such employers must be perennially … Read more

Five Signs of Employee Burnout—and How to Avoid It

Employee burnout is a problem that affects organizations of all sizes and can be misinterpreted as disinterested, entitled, or lazy employees. If overlooked, burnout can lower your team productivity, create interpersonal conflicts, and sometimes even cause valuable employees to quit. To protect your employees and keep your business running smoothly, keep a look out for … Read more

How to Prevent Workplace Violence

People who work together eight hours a day, forty hours a week become a constant fixture in each other’s lives. Days, months, or years of problem-solving, competition, attitudes, prejudices, tempers, and stress bring the potential for workplace violence. Problems in the workplace come in all shapes and sizes, and unfortunately, there are times when they … Read more

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