New Laws and Regulations for 2019

As 2019 approaches, it brings a number of new laws and regulations for employers to address. At the federal level, these include recent or forthcoming changes affect H-2B visas, a raise for white-collar minimum wage employees, joint employment, and overtime rules. In many states, 2019 will bring raises to the minimum wage. Federal The year … Read more

Nine Steps for Recruiting the Right Person for the Job

Finding the right person for the job is always a challenge. If one job is advertised, it is likely to receive more than 100 applications, which can be overwhelming. If a job is not advertised, however, the best candidate may be missed. One traditional method of finding employees–placing an ad and waiting for applicants to … Read more

Do You Have a Micromanager Menacing Your Employees?

Hiring a manager qualified to supervise, delegate and pay attention to details is essential. However, when that same level of scrutiny is applied to every instruction given and coupled with the need to know every little thing–it turns into micromanaging and can harm your business. No one likes to be micromanaged. It’s frustrating, embarrassing, and … Read more

How to Throw a Holiday Party

This holiday season, employers and employees alike may want to celebrate another year of accomplishments. Office parties are great for morale and building rapport. For employers, however, parties bring the risk of liability, and for employees, drunken misbehavior can be career-ending. With some planning, however, a holiday party can be a success. For employers, the … Read more

Smoking Cessation for Employers

The majority of workplaces are now smoke free, and the percentage of Americans who smoke is in decline. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), however, nearly 38 million, or more than 15 percent, of Americans still smoke. Cigarettes and their new friends, e-cigarettes, are “the leading cause of preventable disease and … Read more

Employment laws can change in a moment.
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